Saturday, 8 November 2014

Eat and Dance at the Hokey Cokey

When I was invited at the newly opened gastropub in Koramangala named 'Hokey Cokey', all I could recollect was the song 'You do the Hokey Cokey' (Remember the song?). Well, the name of the place is also inspired by this song. They have an elevated bar with the dance floor and the other tables are placed spaciously on this rooftop pub for everyone to enjoy the weather of Bangalore and have their conversations.

I wasn't expecting much as this was the first month of its opening. But I was taken by surprise when I saw many people visiting the place and having a great evening on its first month. I visited this rooftop restaurant with 5 friends. I had more of non-veg so my review would be according to it.

I started my evening with a mocktail named 'Muddled Madness' which had fresh grapes, tea, apple juice and some mint. This was very refreshing with the taste of tea. I also had a 'Mango Chill' during my meal which had mango juice, orange juice, mint mixed with vanilla ice-cream. The fellow bloggers loved the cocktails served to them specially 'Newton's Formula'. I found the names of their signature cocktails very interesting like 'Lipstick on my collar', 'Angels on my shoulder'. I wanted to try some mixes of these cocktails without liquor but they refused. The menu does not have much of mocktails.

I was confused on what to try with the vast menu so I left it to the chef to serve me some best meat available at Hokey Cokey. They served 'Yankee Chili Fries' with Mexican veg and chicken and 'Nachos with beef'. As I was the only one to eat beef, I indulged in the entire bowl full of Mexican nachos mixed with beef and their secret sauce buried under melted cheese and more of cheese with some hidden goodies you discover as you eat them. Despite being so cheesy, the crispiness of the nachos were in tact and the taste was perfect. I also tried the Chicken version which had french fries mixed with beef and the fries also had their crispiness. I preferred the beef version but if you do not consume beef then you should try their Yankee Chili fries with chicken. The quantity is good so do share and eat.

Mexican Nachos
Yankee Chili Fries
A 'Non-Veg Platter' was served which had chicken, fish and prawns. My love for sea food was seen as I chose to eat the fish and prawn first but spicy chicken surprised me. I also had 'Chili Pepper Garlic Prawn' which was very tasty as the asian prawns were marinated in chili garlic and served spicy. Next seafood which was served was 'Fried Squidy Rings', crumbled fried calamari rings served with a spicy dip was cooked to perfection and would appeal to those who like squids. I also liked Chili chicken which was served, the best chicken dish I had in the evening.

Non-Veg Platter

Chili Pepper Garlic Prawn

'Fried Squidy Rings
Chili chicken
I loved 'Enthu cutlet' which were Anglo Indian style cutlets from Aunty Rosy's Kitchen served with sriracha sauce. Nothing could have been better than this during the evening. The cutlets were soft and the beef was cooked very well.. The cutlets just melted in my mouth and I completed the entire platter alone and wouldn't mind eating more of it.

Enthu cutlet

In veg, I tried 'Something Corny' which was an Asian style fried American corn kernels tossed with spices and it was a delightful munch and one could enjoy with their drink as I could see the bloggers munching on it non-stop.

Something Corny

For main course, we had a 'Vegetable Garden Pizza' which were topped with basil, pesto, corn, mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes. A thin crust pizza was amazing to taste and yeah, I do like eating veg when it is this tasty :)

Vegetable Garden Pizza

The other bloggers on table also had 'Triple Schezwan', an 'Arabian Burger' and ‘Beiruti Mezze Platter’ which includes assorted Middle Eastern delicacies: Hummus, Tabouleh, Falafel and Baba ghanoush.. I cannot comment on it as I did not eat it.

Triple Schezwan
Arabian Burger
Beiruti Mezze Platter
As I was tummy full having all the non veg starters especially the beef one's alone which had good quantity, I could not try much of the main course or any other starter. Though 'shy' Chef Naveen wanted me to try some more meat and desserts but I just couldn't accommodate anything more. I wish to visit the pub again to try their burgers, sandwiches, main course, desserts and loads of conversations with some amazing foot tapping music.

Chef Naveen
Happy faces at Hokey Cokey :)