Saturday, 1 November 2014

Aperitivo at Serafina

Serafina serves Northern Italian Cuisine and I was recently invited to join in for 'Apertivo'. The 'Aperitivo' in Italian or 'Cocktail' in English opens a meal, and it is similar to an appetizer. Most people meet and have alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks such as wine, prosecco, champagne or spumante. Small amounts of food are consumed along with it such as olives, crisps, nuts, cheese, sauce dips, little quiches or similar snacks to build an appetite.

Serafina is a two-floor restaurant. The restaurant’s interior is shaped by Vittorio Assaf and Fabio Granato. The brick walls, wooden floors and yellow awnings cannot miss any eyes and the walls are filled with frescos painted by Italian artist Michela Martello. The restaurant has a beautiful outdoor patio, a large dining room with high ceilings, a semi-private back dining room, an outdoor roof terrace, a well stocked bar and an open pizza oven which is perfectly suitable to enjoy Bangalore's weather.

I started my evening with a 'Virgin Sangria' which had assortment of fresh fruits infused in grape juice, passion fruit and bartender's mix. This was the best Virgin Sangria I had till date. I will definitely visit this place for this again.

While my friend, Arjun had White Wine Thyme Sangria, Red Wine Rosemary Sangria, A Monk's Sin (dark rum, chocolate ganache, banana and whip were served in shot glasses), Campari Spritz and Negroni.

Red Wine Rosemary Sangria
White Wine Thyme Sangria
Campari Spritz


A Monk's Sin

I couldn't hold myself from asking A Monk's sin but without Rum and the bartender was more than happy to make one for me. He also made a special mocktail for me which I enjoyed that evening.

We started with few appetizers. The first was an 'Insalate Rinforzo', a traditional Neapolitan Christmas-Eve cold salad which had pickled cauliflower, olives, pickled peppers and capers. I love Olives so I enjoyed 'Herb marinated olives' which had Green, Black and Kalamata olives with garlic. Cheese in small quantities is what I like so 'Caprese Skewers' was my pick which was made of Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella, Cherry Tomato and Basil.

Insalate Rinforzo
Veggie Salad
Herb marinated olives
The 'Cheese Platter' had too many varieties of cheese. The platter came with Parmigiano Reggiano, Smoked Scarmoza, Provolone Piccante, Gorgonzola Dolce, Pecorio Romano accompanied with Balsamic reduction, wine poached pear, onion crackers, candied walnuts, olives and fig pate. i don't think i can ever remember these names. I am not much of a cheese connoisseur so I did not enjoy this platter much.

Cheese Platter

I also tried 'Veg Pizza Rolls' which was tasty. Hand stretched pizza dough, rolled with zucchini, cherry tomatoes, Mozzarella and fresh oregano really gave a new look to pizza and a new way of enjoying it.

Veg Pizza Rolls

It was a wipe out as with a plate of 'Chicken Winglets'. Marinated, spiced chicken winglets which are pan-fried was the best chicken wings I have ever had. Surely a instant hit with all, so do not forget to order these when you are next.

Chicken Winglets

The other best appetizer of the evening was 'Gamberi Fritti' which were Shrimp Popcorn. I couldn't get enough of them. It was also one of the reason why I couldn't try the other appetizers which were served.

Gamberi Fritti

I also liked 2 simple sandwiches which were served. 'Mozzarella in a Carriage' which was made up of Fried Gooey Mozzarella and 'Chicken Sandwich', a simple sandwich made of white bread with mini poached chicken. I enjoyed the chicken sandwich more.

Mozzarella in a Carriage

Chicken Sandwich
I loved the 'Citrus Salad' served there. Mixed greens, orange, slow roasted tomatoes, sultanas, Greek feta was delicious. Also, 'Pizza Primavera' was served, hand stretched base, baked on a stone-hearth with fresh tomato, fresh buffalo mozzarella and garden vegetables. A simple thin crust pizza was enjoyed with my mocktail.

Citrus Salad
Pizza Primavera

I am surely going back to Serafina for Virgin Sangria, chicken winglets, Citrus Salad and some pizza rolls. Next time, i will cover the menu to know what more treasure is hiding in there :)

Tanmoy is the person behind those awesome food
Kudos to them for opening Serafina
The person behind those awesome cocktails

The Aperitivo is available on weekdays between 4 pm and 7 pm, on talks with the management I believe this could be extended till 8PM. I wish to see this menu on weekends too, Serafina are you listening?