Sunday, 16 November 2014

Black and White Moments of Bangalore

Black and While Moments was the awesome lesson in the history of Bangalore's Rock scene on Sunday, 16th November at Humming Tree, Indiranagar. Spectacular music, nostalgic stories, epic performances and shared memories made ‘Black & White Moments’. It was an evening that will echo in everyone’s memories in times to come. Great music, lovely company and superb scotch were the ingredients for the memorable evening. It was unforgettable evening celebrating Bangalore’s independent music scene with shared memories, stories, music and laughter.

Together, Bangalore revisited history and began a new chapter and celebrate the evolution of Bangalore’s independent music scene. The vibe shared between the fans and artistes made the evening feel absolutely magical. Along with the gigs, the event also featured short films, which showcased some most popular venues for rock shows like Counter culture, rex theatre and B flat.

This evening featured the struggles, success, inspirations, and contributions of everyone who has made Bangalore the iconic city of Rock culture in India. To sprinkle some nostalgia to the evening, six rock veterans such as Thermal and A Quarter, Human Bondage, Angel Dust, Kryptos and Lounge took everyone on an unforgettable melodious journey to march towards the promised land of music.

The evening was hosted by Bruce Lee Mani from Bangalore’s very own Thermal and a Quarter, the evening started with Rex Rosario on saxophone, who played classic jazz tunes. Gerard Machado was next up on stage. Radha Thomas of Human Bondage was one of the vocalist. Next, Roberto Narain, who is known for his monthly Drum jam, played drums accompanied by Eric Samuels on guitar. Thermal and a Quarter (TAAQ) was up next, the band’s music was one of a kind. Kryptos is undoubtedly the most successful Thrash Metal band from India and among the first to make a mark overseas after 16 years and three albums. Representing Bangalore’s Heavy Metal scene, Nolan Lewis from Kryptos covered Metallica’s ‘Seek and Destroy’. Vachan Chinappa was also there who spoke about the growing EDM in the city. The evening went on to have amazing performances by Chris Avinash from Angel Dust, Galeej Gurus and acoustic sets by Abhijit Tambe from Lounge Piranha, Suraj Mani of erstwhile Motherjane fame, Varun Murali from Swarathma, Gerrard Machado and Konark Reddy from Human Bondage, Philip Haydon from Witch Hammer. Lastly, almost everyone were on stage including Vasundhara Das and Arati Rao who accompanied TAAQ, Tony Das and Gerard Machado on ‘Hey Jude’. It was a sight and a dream for many youngsters to watch their dream bands and artist to perform live. The evening took everyone on an unforgettable melodious journey to march towards the promised land of music.

A wonderful night indeed.

Pics credit: Suman and Nita