Friday, 10 March 2017

Paradise offers Zafrani Biryani Festival which one shouldn't miss

Paradise, the 'World's Favourite Biryani' introduces the exotic Zafrani Biryani Festival till 31st March 2017. The on-going festival is available in all outlets across Bengaluru (Indiranagar, Kormangala, New BEL Road, J.P Nagar, Electronic City, Whitefield). 
The Paradise 'Zafrani Biryani Festival' is an effort to present, revive and re-introduce to the die-hard Biryani lovers a rare and much loved cuisine of the Nawabs and their guests. The Zafrani Biryani is available in two variants – Chicken and Mutton.
The Zafrani Biryani thrived on a very secret ingredient and the recipe of which was held only within the confines of the royal Mughal family. A dish that was a regular in the royal kitchens and for their guests was out of reach for the then common man. Zafran or Saffron - a very expensive ingredient that made all the difference in creating that certain zing of a taste and flavour and aroma.
All our methods to prepare and serve the Zafrani Biryani have been planned down to the minutest of details. They identified and sourced each of the ingredients for them to blend so as to give the best flavor and aroma. The 'secret' ingredient, the saffron, has been sourced specially for this festival and yet we have priced our variants at very affordable pricing to ensure that each Biryani lover is able to taste our special offering.
Vijay Anand Bakshi, Corporate Chef, Paradise explained us the source and the preparation method of the biryani which was impressive. My favorite has to be Double Masala Mutton Biryani. For those who enjoy Paradise single masala biryani should opt for single masala but people like me who enjoys masaledaar biryani should surely opt for double masala or else they will find the biryani tad bit bland.
The Zafrani Biryani Festival is on during lunch and dinner time at all their Dine-in Restaurants and Takeaways and also through their delivery partners – Swiggy, Food Panda and Zomato. The pricing for the dishes in BANGALORE is listed below:

Menu description
Menu Price (excl tax) in INR
Dine IN
Zafrani Chicken Biryani
Zafrani Mutton  Biryani
Zafrani Chicken Biryani
Zafrani Mutton  Biryani
Zafrani Chicken Biryani
Zafrani Mutton  Biryani

The pricing will vary for Paradise outlets in Hyderabad, Vizag and Chennai.
I also enjoyed some kebab and Double ka meetha which shouldn't be missed.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The all new Irish Menu Madness is live at The Irish House

If you are around VR Bengaluru then you have to make a pit stop at The Irish House. It is not a typical pub or bar, but it motivates people to come in groups and spend time, more like community building. And if the food is good then why wouldn't anyone want to stop by.

Situated at Level 3 of VR Mall, it has a Full Bar Available along with Outdoor Seating, Wifi, Live Sports Screening & Smoking Area too (though I would recommend you to quit smoking now). The interiors were done well and its catchy, I personally loved the interiors.
They have changed their menu for some freshness and introduced many new dishes so I took this opportunity to try it out. Get ready for some Irish Menu Madness.

 I am in love with spicy mocktails so at a glance of Spiced Guava Mary, I ordered it. It had pepper instead of chillies which did not suit to my taste of a spicy mocktail where as Tangerine Mojito was refreshing from the afternoon heat.

For appetisers, Belfast glazed chicken wings was served where you can opt for the glaze of your choice out of honey chili, honey bbq and hickory bbq. I relished these good chicken wings with honey chilli sauce :) The next starter was brilliant. Smoked Duck Pita Pockets were very tasty and messy to eat which had spinach pita pockets filled with orange glazed smoked duck, creamy ranch, tasted peanuts topped with shredded carrots.

Next came The Sourdough Fondue Bowl whcih looked very appetising. Spicy grilled chicken bites, smoked chicken sausages, chargrilled broccoli and roasted sweet potatoes were served in a platter with sourdough bread bowl filled with cheese sauce.

 For main course, I opted for Tenderloin bowl which had tenderloin served with cracked wheat and honey glazed carrots. The meat was very tender and juicy and the combination of tenderloin with cracked wheat was the highlight of the meal. This was my favorite dish from my meal. Next. I was in a mood to have some pizza's so I went for Sriracha Chicken Pizza which had Chicken Bolognese with sriracha drizzle.

While munching of main course, I opted for Green Appletini and Peach iced-tea. Green appletini was my favorite mocktail which had green apple extract, orange juice, pineapple juice along with fresh lime served in a martini glass.

 No meal is complete without a dessert so I chose Nutty Caramel Pie. Gooey caramel and peanut butter pie layered with rich chocolate ganache is delicious and when served with warm caramel sauce, it can take you to another planet. Beware, it is a very filling dessert. I am not much of a peanut butter fan but I liked this dessert. For my next visit, I have Dual Chocolate Torte in my mind for a chocolate fan like me :)

So when you are around Mahadevpura, head to VR Mall and go straight to Level 3 to enjoy this menu madness.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

A Chocolate affair with Fabelle Chocolates, ITC Hotels

ITC is set to redefine the luxury chocolate space in India with Fabelle. ITC’s Fabelle Chocolates have been in the making for almost a decade, with extensive research and innumerable trials in the company’s pursuit to craft the finest luxury chocolates in India that rival the best in the world. Fabelle was created by a congruence of international chefs together with ITC master chocolatiers to craft the finest quality chocolates, using choicest ingredients from across the world. With the launch of the chocolate boutiques at ITC Maratha & ITC Central in Mumbai, Fabelle will be present nationally across Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai & Kolkata.  
Fabelle offers a range of exquisite chocolate creations such as Fabelle Elements - intricately crafted pralines inspired by the elements of nature. Fabelle Elements have been created with 26 different unique ingredients sourced across from 7 different countries to delight the Indian chocolate connoisseur who seeks evolved chocolate experiences. Fabelle Ganache - velvety soft cubes of exotic cocoas delicately churned with butter & fresh cream, A Fabelle Ganache is a sheer masterpiece crafted with meticulous conching that brings out the most sensational flavors and aroma along with the melt-in-mouth experience. Fabelle As You Like It – personalized chocolate cup creations offering myriad possibilities of fillings and toppings, Fabelle Single Origin Cacoas – single origin bars, crafted using cocoa from 6 different countries (Madagascar, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Ecuador, Sao Tome and Ghana), each asserting its own distinct flavour and Fabelle Gianduja - recreation of an Italian delicacy from the Napoleon era fashioned with infusion of hazelnuts into rich, creamy milk chocolate.

The chocolate boutiques will provide a range of exquisitely crafted desserts and cocoa beverages, created live by Fabelle Master Chocolatiers. Additionally, they will also have opulent gifting options which can be customised as per requirements for diverse occasions.

ITC has set up a state of the art facility with best in class technology to manufacture Fabelle chocolates in India. ITC is sourcing impeccable single origin cocoas from the best cocoa growing regions in Africa and South America such as Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Venezuela, Saint Domingue and Sao Tome. The diversity of each country lends a unique magical taste and feel to the chocolates.

A Vanilla Cremeux bar with Saint-Domingue chocolate mousse has been crafted with a 70% single origin Saint-Domingue chocolate which has strong cocoa notes. Similarly, chocolates from Sao Tome have fruity and spicy under notes which have been used to craft the classic warm cocoa. It has been paired with Lankan cinnamon, black pepper, frosted with whipped cream and cocoa nibs.
I am not a fan of dark chocolates but The Fabelle Single Origin Cacaos made me fall in love with it, I surely can enjoy a bar with my coffee or with the prescribed drink mentioned in the box. Fabelle Ganache will always be my favorite and for a fun time, Fabelle As you like it can be enjoyed where you can create your own creations. Hazelnut lovers like me should not miss Fabelle Gianduja. I enjoyed n amazing creation by Fabelle Master Chocolateier Rashmi at ITC Windsor which had Madagascar chocolate and it was heavenly. So drop by at the nearest Fabelle outlet and enjoy these luxury chocolates, well you can gift some to me too ;)
Below are the prices:

·         Single Origin Cacao Bars (box of 6) - Rs. 875
·         Single Origin Cacao Bars (box of 12) - Rs. 1700
·         Gianjuda (box of 12) - Rs. 825
·         Creamy Milk Ganache (sharing box of 20) - Rs. 745
·         Rich Dark Ganache (sharing box of 20) - Rs. 745
·         Rich Dark with Apple & Cinnamon Ganache (sharing box of 20) - Rs. 745
·         As You Like It (single chocolate cup creation) - Rs. 100
·         As You Like It (assortment of 6 chocolate cup creations) - Rs. 500
·         As You Like It (assortment of 12 chocolate cup creations) - Rs. 1000
·         Fabelle elements (assortment of 5 pralines) - Rs. 450
·         Fabelle elements (assortment of 10 pralines) - Rs. 850
·         Fabelle elements (assortment of 20 pralines) - Rs. 1595

An evening at Fabelle for two - Rs. 1250 approx.

Have a chocolaty day :)