Monday, 31 July 2017

Rakhi with Fabelle - Celebrate your unique bond with Fabelle Chocolates

Raksha Bandhan is round the corner and everyone around me is looking for one unique gift to gift their sibling on this beautiful day celebrating their lives together. Siblings have along loved and annoyed each other the most but there is always one unique quality which defines them for you. So how about gifting them something which defines their character?
Thinking about the same, Fabelle Chocolates have come with a personalised gifting range - My Fabelle Box which is conceptualised only for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. My fabelle Box comes in a box of box 10 or 20 allowing you to make a personalised box of chocolates by choosing a praline from the Fabelle Elements range which is a set of 5 pralines inspired Elements of nature – Earth, Air ,Water, Wood, Fire. So you can choose a praline which best suites the personality of your sibling, like Earth for the dependable one, Water for the cool one, Fire for the feisty one. I have written about my Fabelle Elements before when I visited the chocolate boutique, you can read it here:
Not just a box of pralines defining their personality, but you can also give a short heartfelt message to your sibling via a dedicated website made for this occasion, the description of the website can be chosen by you so a website customised just for your sibling to make her/him feel special. Fabelle has created a special website for placing orders and creating the customised website orders.

Fabelle is taking orders for Raksha Bandhan till 3rd August on the website and the customised "My Fabelle Box" will be delivered at pre-chosen date by you between 4th to 8th August to your sibling who will also receive a message and mail on the day of  Raksha Bandhan, with the customised website message created by you.
Original Fabelle Elements
Step 1: Choose the element
Step 2: Fill in the details
Step 3: Customise the website
Step 4: Add your personalised message & place the order
For those who would want to gift 2 different varieties of pralines to their sibling which defines their persona then such orders are taken at the chocolate boutique but the advantage of personalised video message and website will not be an add on, so for such orders, choose 2 different My Fabelle box with 10 pralines each and surprise the sibling with double love :)

Fabelle is keeping no stones unturned to ensure that this moment is truly memorable and you celebrate the uniqueness of your relationship with Fabelle. You can also head to nearest Chocolate Boutique in select ITC Luxury hotels for a specially curated luxury chocolate experience on the day of Raksha Bandhan. 
So all the brothers and sisters, the festival isn't just for brothers gifting their sisters but also for all brothers who would want to celebrate their unique bond with their brothers and sisters who would want to celebrate their sisterly love, also for older sisters pampering their younger brothers. Place your orders before 3rd August on or visit their Facebook page for more details. Happy Raksha Bandhan from Just Rumana :)

An evening at Jonah's by Chef Willi

12th Indiranagar is buzzing with new places and if you get a roof-top lounge to enjoy the beautiful weather of Bangalore and munch on food and sip of your favorite drinks then Jonah's by Chef Willi is your place.
The new menu at Jonah's is a treat for both veg and non-veg lovers. You have a variety to choose from pastas, Pizzas, appetisers, soups, snacks and variety of hot and cold beverages and desserts. The ingredients are chosen by Chef Willi himself to give you the best he has to offer.

A veg platter platter and a non veg platter with few drinks is always a good option to start your evening and this is how I started my evening too. I particularly loved the non-veg platter more.

For a cold evening, some soup can warm you up, you can choose from creamy mushroom soup and beef soup.
Chicken has been favorite and these stripes can very well go with your drinks too.
 In mood for pasta? Then my favorite veg pasta could your choice for the evening.

Prawn Wrapped Blanket was the highlight of the evening which was served throughout the evening. Juicy jumbo prawns with the light crunch is delectable and a must try for all prawn lovers.
I have always loved a good quiche and if it has salmon then nothing better than that. This smoke salmon quiche made me fall in love with it immediately.
Spring Green Ricotto Pizza, it is literally a green ricotto pizza, look at the picture if you do not believe me. All veg lovers and those who love greens will relish each bite of this pizza.
Bengal Fish Curry for your main course if you are in no mood for pizza's
You can also enjoy their steaks and other main course options in fish, chicken and veg from the new menu.

I cannot leave a meal incomplete without a dessert. You can choose from brownie, panna cotta and Tiramisu to end your meal on a sweet note.
So next time you are around Indiranagar and looking for a nice evening then head to Jonah's by Chef Willi :)