Saturday, 30 May 2015

Treatment for Hair - Nioxin now in India

I received a mail for hair thinning issues. Usually I consider such mails as spam and do not pay heed to it. But this was from BlogAdda. So I made sure I read it.

It said that if I feel I have hair thinning issues then I should attend the blogadda meet at Bodycraft salon, Koramangala. I was hesitant initially. who would like to talk about their flaws in open? I have major hair issues that I can write numerous post on it. I love to experiment with my hair but at the same time, I am very concerned too.

Keeping my hesitation aside, I decided t try the treatment and went without any knowledge to the salon. With BlogAdda, I always get to interact with new people. Last time, I met Shrinidhi during Tata Safari drive and this time, it was a bunch of chirpy young ladies. Usual me, I took an hour or so to gel along with everyone and discuss about ourself and know each other better.

The afternoon started with a tour of the salon, followed by detailed explanation of Nioxin treatment by Daisy. Let me first tell you about Nioxin treatment. Nioxin treatment is for those who have hair thinning issue. This can be categorized into Normal to thin looking hair and Noticeable thinning hair. I initially thought that I had noticeable thinning but upon inspection, I got to know that I have Normal to thin looking hair, that means I suffer from hair thinning issue and Nioxin treatment is for me.

They have 6 treatment, 1-3-5 for Normal to thin looking hair and 2-4-6 for Noticeable thin looking hair. This is not an over the counter product which you can buy but one has to under go a consultation before the doctore decides which treatment is better for you.

Treatment 5 was suggested for me after my consultation on my diet, routine, stress, chemicals on hair was done. A horrifying picture of my scalp was shown to me during my consultation and I could not sleep that night ;) Just kidding, post consultation, the treatment began. The Step Zero, as I call it was an In-Salon treatment which melts the dead skin on the scalp. It is equal to facial or scrubbing of the facial skin. The product is applied on the scalp and left on the scalp for 15-20 mins after which it was washed off. This procedure is required every 30-45 days and not before that.

Step 0

Then the 3 step process for hair treatment starts, Step 1 is to cleanse which was done by the shampoo. Step 2 was to revitalise the scalp which was done by a scalp revitaliser. The product was allowed to rest on the scalp and hair for 2-3 mins before washing off. This product brought some coolness to my scalp. Post this, a leave-in product was applied which was Scalp treatment. Post this, my hair was blow dried and I was done with my treatment.

Step 1

Step 2
Step 3

Post the entire treatment, My hair felt light, so light that I felt all my hair might fly off or fall off ;) But a sense of fresh feeling was there and my hair felt fuller by the end of it.

This entire procedure would have taken maximim 30 minutes but an event which started at 1PM ended at 7.30PM for me as I left the salon at night. A little more staff would have saved a lot of time. But I do not regret as I got to talk to many bloggers from Bangalore which otherwise I do not get a chance. Made new friend's - Shailaja, Sowmya, Vidya Suri, Manasa and a whole bunch of young bloggers. This covered up for a late lunch too.

Now I am home and I am going to try the Nioxion product on my hair for the next one month and would blog about my result. Keep reading :)

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Monday, 18 May 2015

Yauatcha Delhi Dessert Special

Yauatcha India is making your summers sweeter. Starting May 16, guests can try a new range of delicious chef’s special desserts like the egg less Mango and Gianduja Chocolate Mousse Cake, Mango Mousse and Parfait, Kashmiri Kahwa Marquise, Blueberry and Pistachio Bar, sugar free Chocolate Mandarian Mille Feuille and sugar free Tiramisu.

Price: Rs 350 onwards
Date: 16th May onwards
Days :Monday- Sunday
Time: 12 noon- 12 am
Venue : Level 2, Ambience Mall, Nelson Mandela Marg, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, Delhi 110070

Atmosfire, the party makers in Bangalore

Atmosfire is a unique concept is brought in by Barbeque Nation, the pioneer of live grills. They are the party makers. They take care of all the party needs, from setting up the grills to cleaning up the place, everything will be handled by them. All you need to do is to dial in to arrange a BBQ party at your preferred location or at their location in Indiranagar or Electronic city. The minimum number of people for the party is 10.

They charge Rs. 350 and Rs. 450 plus taxes per person for Veg with an Edge and Meat Treats respectively. These are the basic rates and you can upgrade it by adding more dishes to the menu. You can add cocktails to the party but you will have to bring the alcohol and the bartender would mix up some cocktails and the basic price is Rs. 100 plus taxes for 2 drinks.

I was invited to a BBQ party hosted by Atmosfire so here I will pen down my experience for you. For mocktails, I had a Cranberry Fusion and lime soda during my meal which was refreshing and also cleansed my palette.

I munched on some Bruschetta and Garlic bread which are my favorite as I waited for the starters to begin. These both were good and I could be biased because I like them a lot.

In veg, I tried the Veg Shashlik which was enjoyed with the dip, nothing unusual but enjoyed best with conversations and friends. Dahi ke kebab were good and one of my favorites from the menu. Veg Satay was also good.

Lahori Veg Soya chunks was different to my taste and really good. One should try this. Texas Barbeque Cottage Cheese with coriander dip tasted good, though I am not much of cottage cheese fan.


My favorite of all was BBQ Assorted Fruits (pineapple /Pears /Guava/Apple). On a summer afternoon, some BBQ fruits are just heaven on earth. We repeated this with grilled pineapple many times.

In non veg, my favorite was Moroccan Char mole Prawns, I love sea food and Moroccan prawns was truly yummy and I enjoyed this the most. My next favorite was Coastal BBQ fish. With dip or without, fish was delish.

Caribbean jerk Chicken was next and with garlic mayo dip, it tasted the best even when the spices were not evenly covered. Peri Peri Chicken Drumstick was my favorite chicken starter but I do not have a pic of it, meat was well cooked and now my mouth is watering and need some of these.

Shark’s Steaks with pineapple mojo was next, I did not know that it was shark, but the hint of pineapple was good and tangy taste was nice. Tandoori Quail was a little sweet in taste and by now, I was not in a state to eat further so cannot write much on this.

Arabian Kafta Mutton did not impress me at all as the meat was hard and not cooked well. The dip served were Zulu Coriander, Garlic Mayo, mustard sauce and BBQ Sauce.

Kache Gosht Ki Biryani, Kothmir mirch murg, Shakahari boti, Paneer lavang latika, Dal Tadka with Plain Rice and roti, naan and paratha was for main course. I skipped main course completely as I was completely full with the starters.

For desserts, fresh fruit gateau and rasgulla was served. I enjoyed the fresh fruit gateau more as I love it and helped my self with another serving of it.

I had a great afternoon with friend's, having some delicious food and fun conversations. The team of Atmosfire were very good and efficient to set up the party for us and also to clean up the place quickly.

Their contact details are below if you need to host a BBQ party:
Atmosfire: No 501 Binnamanagala extension 1st stage, CMH Road Indiranagar Bangalore 560038
Phone: 080-45511013
You can connect to them on TwitterFacebook or their Website