Saturday, 30 May 2015

Treatment for Hair - Nioxin now in India

I received a mail for hair thinning issues. Usually I consider such mails as spam and do not pay heed to it. But this was from BlogAdda. So I made sure I read it.

It said that if I feel I have hair thinning issues then I should attend the blogadda meet at Bodycraft salon, Koramangala. I was hesitant initially. who would like to talk about their flaws in open? I have major hair issues that I can write numerous post on it. I love to experiment with my hair but at the same time, I am very concerned too.

Keeping my hesitation aside, I decided t try the treatment and went without any knowledge to the salon. With BlogAdda, I always get to interact with new people. Last time, I met Shrinidhi during Tata Safari drive and this time, it was a bunch of chirpy young ladies. Usual me, I took an hour or so to gel along with everyone and discuss about ourself and know each other better.

The afternoon started with a tour of the salon, followed by detailed explanation of Nioxin treatment by Daisy. Let me first tell you about Nioxin treatment. Nioxin treatment is for those who have hair thinning issue. This can be categorized into Normal to thin looking hair and Noticeable thinning hair. I initially thought that I had noticeable thinning but upon inspection, I got to know that I have Normal to thin looking hair, that means I suffer from hair thinning issue and Nioxin treatment is for me.

They have 6 treatment, 1-3-5 for Normal to thin looking hair and 2-4-6 for Noticeable thin looking hair. This is not an over the counter product which you can buy but one has to under go a consultation before the doctore decides which treatment is better for you.

Treatment 5 was suggested for me after my consultation on my diet, routine, stress, chemicals on hair was done. A horrifying picture of my scalp was shown to me during my consultation and I could not sleep that night ;) Just kidding, post consultation, the treatment began. The Step Zero, as I call it was an In-Salon treatment which melts the dead skin on the scalp. It is equal to facial or scrubbing of the facial skin. The product is applied on the scalp and left on the scalp for 15-20 mins after which it was washed off. This procedure is required every 30-45 days and not before that.

Step 0

Then the 3 step process for hair treatment starts, Step 1 is to cleanse which was done by the shampoo. Step 2 was to revitalise the scalp which was done by a scalp revitaliser. The product was allowed to rest on the scalp and hair for 2-3 mins before washing off. This product brought some coolness to my scalp. Post this, a leave-in product was applied which was Scalp treatment. Post this, my hair was blow dried and I was done with my treatment.

Step 1

Step 2
Step 3

Post the entire treatment, My hair felt light, so light that I felt all my hair might fly off or fall off ;) But a sense of fresh feeling was there and my hair felt fuller by the end of it.

This entire procedure would have taken maximim 30 minutes but an event which started at 1PM ended at 7.30PM for me as I left the salon at night. A little more staff would have saved a lot of time. But I do not regret as I got to talk to many bloggers from Bangalore which otherwise I do not get a chance. Made new friend's - Shailaja, Sowmya, Vidya Suri, Manasa and a whole bunch of young bloggers. This covered up for a late lunch too.

Now I am home and I am going to try the Nioxion product on my hair for the next one month and would blog about my result. Keep reading :)

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