Friday, 9 March 2018

Home-buying experience for Women with Puravankara

We celebrate International Women's day every year but have we given women their due respect on other days? The dream of building a New India can be achieved by empowering women through ensuring an equal opportunities in society and financial matters.

Most brands just wish women on women's day but do nothing much which gives them equal opportunities as men. But Puravankara took a step ahead towards women development. With an employee base of 50% comprising of women, Puravankara is constantly strive towards creating opportunities and platforms where women can act and perform.

Apart from this, Puravankara has taken another step through online buying extravaganza wherein Puravankara is offering additional benefits for women buyers. Women are the key decision holders when it comes to home buying, a man may be the face of it but without the approval or consent of the women of the house, no house is purchased. Puravankara is encouraging this and supporting women to take a concrete decision like 'home buying'. So get ready ladies and buy your dream home with Puravankara this March.

250 of their best 2 bedroom homes are on offer at special prices only for women buyers across their projects in Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad and Coimbatore, which happen to be best investment option too. Such offers do not last long, this offer ends on 31st March 2018. This one month long endeavour has been launched this women's day and will be active every year during this period.

Head to and choose your favorite apartment, simply register online by paying for 1sqft and lock the special price for 1 full month before making the final decision. You can also unlock further discount by sharing the offer on your social media site. You can also swap your apartment if you liked another one at no additional cost or even cancel your booking with no question asked.
Puravankara has taken its step towards TRUE INDEPENDENCE, have you? Happy home-buying :)

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

No Plan A when there is Annual Burger Fest at Plan B

There is no Plan A so heading to straight to Plan B. Their annual burger fest is something I always look forward to for the variety of burgers which are on offer. Their burgers have always been in limelight so the annual burger fest just adds cherry on the cake. I have a been a fan of Plan B food, esp their chicken wings, I swear by them and with the outlet close to my house, it is always walk down the road.
From pork, beef, chicken, seafood, mutton and veg I could choose either burger or a slider. For a hungry tummy, burger will fill you up completely but for those who want to try more than 1 option or try something from regular menu then a slider is best for you. Pork lovers will have a time of their life as there are lot of options with pork.
I loved the grilled seafood slider and Surf and turf with chicken slider. I could never step out of Plan B without tasting their chicken wings, you should also try it. Make Plan B your plan A before the burger festival ends.
It is a month long festival which will by March 18th.

Monday, 5 March 2018

On-board flight experience made fun and entertaining with JetScreen by Jet Airways

I have been a Jet Frequent Flyer for couple of years now and usually prefer flying with this full serviced airline for my domestic travels. It has always been cost effective for me with barely any price difference with low cost airlines. I usually miss in-flight entertainment on domestic flights which makes me take a nap on my journey. With my last minute travel plans, I never have time to plan my entertainment and download it beforehand. For the month of February, I flew with Jet Airways to the captial from Bangalore for 5 days to spend some time with my best friend. On my outward journey, I found out about JetScreen by Jet Airways.
Initially I was wondering what is JetScreen, I got to know that it is Jet Airways' wireless streaming in-flight entertainment service. My happiness knew no bounds and it felt like a dream come true. JetScreen had a vast range of Indian, Hollywood and Regional movies, famous TV shorts, video games and music to suit every mood and taste. I had a fully charged WiFi compatible device ( my phone ;) but you can access JetScreen from a tablet or laptop too) and connected to JetScreen, once the flight had taken off, to explore their content. With over 330+ hours of content, I relaxed on my flight and streamed the content depending on my mood. Initially, I had to download another app called Airtime Player to enjoy JetScreen. Now, I did not need to as the player is integrated within the Jet Airways Mobile app itself.

I love to have a smile on my face and watching Tom & Jerry just brings the widest smile on my face. I started streaming a Tom & Jerry episode followed by all time favourite sitcom Friends. As Jet Airways is a full service airline, in between my streaming, I enjoyed my morning breakfast where I always opt for egg but chose dosa on this flight, wish I hadn't change my meal ;) I also noticed a kid watching Chhota Bheem and the person sitting next to me was listening to Ghazals. I binge watched Friends during my entire flight. I did not face any interruption while streaming my favorite content, except during announcement.


On my inward journey, I spent time listening to some hindi songs and played Solitaire Classic. As I was exhausted on my inward journey, I took a nap and requested for a pillow for my neck rest and the staff provided me with the same. With this gesture, I was very pleased and my overall onboard experience with JetScreen was entertaining. 

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Beach shack experience & New Menu at Lady Baga, Bangalore

When Bangaloreans miss the beach and a shack experience then they head to the nearest beach. While beach can't be arranged here in Bangalore but a shack experience can surely be enjoyed. With the opening of Lady Baga in one of the prominent areas of Bangalore, a beach shack experience can be enjoyed in Bangalore.
Located on Lavelle road, as you enter Lady Baga, it takes you through a complete goan shack atmosphere. A 3D display of the beach will not make you miss the real beach much too. Apart from the colorful walls and lights around the place, you can also shop for clothing and accessories from their store. 
Chef Aloysious Dsouza has joined Lady Baga and has revamped the menu. He has added some dishes to the existing menu to give you a complete beach shack experience. Read on to know more about the menu.

I started my meal with Sungta Maria, it was a goan style bruschetta with masala prawns on fried toast. Followed by Dancing chicken. Not sure why it is named dancing chicken when it has chickens crumbed and tossed in Vindaloo sauce. I love tossed prawns so with Prawn Loncha so Prawn Loncha was my pick. These lightly pickled prawns tossed with coconut and green chillies has a burst of flavors. A wild mushroom starter impressed me. These starters go well with the drinks. 
For main course, I wanted to try seafood only so I chose Chef Aloos prawn curry. Sheer comfort food named after the chef which is served with unpolished red rice, fried anchovies (fish), tendli pickle and kismur (prawn salad). Goan Surmai fish was next, this seer fish curry with ground spices, chillies and coconut, taste best with rice. Seer fish tasted very well. Pork options are also good but as you know I do not eat pork so I cannot talk about it. 
Lastly for dessert, one cannot miss Bebinca, this multi layered egg pudding is made in house and served warm and with vanilla ice-cream. Caramel sauce on the bottom can be totally avoided so you can inform them to not add it to your dessert. 
Lady Baga is known for their cocktails so sip on some cocktails or mocktails like I sipped on Lady Baga's bubbly while I felt I was in a a goan shack. The food may not be completely authentic to goan taste but the experience of beach shack is true. 

The Travelling Bao Festival at Shizusan Shophouse and Bar

Shizusan Shophouse and Bar has been a favorite since its launch. The food has been receiving great reviews with their sushi's and other dishes. To add different flavors and offer new dishes to its customers, Shizusan has come up with The Travelling Bao Festival for the month of February.
A great mix of veg and non-veg bao's are on offer. While I tried the non-veg bao's, I will write about the same. Out of 5, I tried 4 as the 5th one was pork. My favourite was Smoked Duck Bao with smoked five-spiced duck, green apple and spicy mayo. If you are looking for a mix of tangy, spicy and smoky then this is the bao for you.
The next one which you should try is Korean Pulled Chicken Bulgogi which has spicy cucumber and kimchi slaw. For a spicy taste then this pulled chicken bao is for you.
Korean Sweet Chilli Chicken Bao with honey-glazed chilli chicken with kimchi and mayo is for those looking for sweet and spicy taste.
The last one is Teriyaki Glazed Tenderloin which is a steamed bun with teriyaki tenderloin, pickled vegetables and pan-fried with sesame. As I am more fond of bao's than buns, these non mayo buns did not impress me much.
If you are looking for veg bao's then Five-Spiced Tofu or Filipino veggie steamer could be your pick. Those who enjoy buns, Tofu and Hirata Buns or Bun with wild mushroom or Cantonese steamed custard bun could be savored. I also tried their tea - Mogo mogo and the mix of green sencha tea, banana, mango, passion flower leaves, melon sunflower and guava was so soothing to the throat and very aromatic too.
Each portion of bao is served with 2 pieces and it can easily fill one person completely. While the veg bao's are priced at Rs. 275, non-veg bao's are priced at Rs. 295 excluding taxes. Enjoy these bao's as they will be served at Shizusan during the month of February.