Friday, 27 November 2015

eBay brings Black Friday sale to India

eBay India is a leading online marketplace and shopping destination in India where thousands of Indian entrepreneurs list over 3 crores products across Electronics, Lifestyle, Collectibles and Media categories. eBay India is a 100% subsidiary of eBay Inc.

With online shopping and discounts touching its peak, consumers can now continue their festive shopping spree with the Black Friday sale on Globally, Black Friday will be celebrated on 27th November. However, Indian consumers are in for a treat as eBay India will offer incredible discounts of international products starting 20th November itself.

eBay India aims to introduce and establish the concept of ‘Black Friday’ in India which is considered as commencement of the shopping season in USA and famous for extreme discounts. Black Friday sale will allow buyers in India to avail heavy discounts on US based products at India pricing across categories such as electronic, lifestyle, home appliances, sports and fitness equipment amongst others. eBay India will also offer free shipping across the country on products purchased via Global Easy Buy - a service launched by eBay in India that allows Indian shoppers to purchase directly from international eBay sites at a cumulative INR cost inclusive of product price, shipping cost and any other applicable charges.

Indian Consumers can avail upto 50% discount on lifestyle products and upto 45% off on electronic items during the promotional period ending November 30th 2015.

Fashion and Lifestyle
Electronics and accessories
Innovative product categories
Special Deals
Upto 50% off on cosmetics and beauty products
Upto 40% off on mobile phones , laptops and tablets
Upto 40% off on a variety of imported toys
iPhone-6 cover cases starting from INR 300 onwards
Upto 50% off on clothing, watches, fashion accessories, shoes and handbags
Upto 40% off on power banks
Upto 20% off on heart rate & activity tracker wristband
Apple iPhone-6 (16GB) at 25% off

Upto  55 % off on eyewear and sunglasses 

Upto 30% off on HD TV & LED TV   

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge at 44% off

Upto 50% off on headphones

Upto 55% off on golf kits 

Thursday, 26 November 2015

New menu at Alto Vino, Marriott Whitefield

Alto Vino is the Italian restaurant at Marriott, Whitefield. I have visited the restaurant's kitchen earlier but it was for Indian Culinary Route. This time I got a chance to taste all the new menu crafter by Chef Marou. He has joined as the new Italian chef at Alto Vino.

There are new additions to the menu by Chef Marou which will be added to the existing menu. I was part of the Chef's table which unveiled the new additions and I got to taste some of them.

For Antipasti, we had Bocconcini di Buffalo (Caprese salad with Mozzarella Bocconcini in sweet pesto sauce), Strudeli di Melazane (Strudell of Eggplant Parmigiana with light spicy tomato sauce), Bruschette Miste (Toasted Focaccia bread, fresh tomato, zucchini and mushrooms), Fegatini all Sciciiana (Chicken liver, Lemon confit with potato and onion stew), Polipetti alla Mediteranea (Braised octopus, chickpea puree, fresh tomato salad). All he antipasti were cooked well and I enjoyed caprese salad, bruschetta and eggplant parmigiana. I tried braised octopus for the first time and I liked it. I am not a liver fan so did not enjoy the chicken liver.

Next was Zuppa di faro (a vegetarian Italian spelt soup from Tuscany). I have always been a fan of a good zuppa so I relished every spoon.

For Secondi, Ravioli di Asparagi (Asparagus and ricotta ravioli in sage butter roasted pumpkins puree), Risotto al Gorgonzola (Risotto with Gorgonzola cheese and caramelised grapes), Scottata di Branzino (Pan seared sea bass, zucchini salad, shallot compote in terragon sauce) and the last one being Chef's signature dish Stnco D’agnello (slow cooked marinated lamb shang stew with red wine saffron risotto & winter vegetable). The ravioli was very tasty and the roasted pumpkin puree added the twist to it. In Risotto, gorgonzola cheese was very strong in taste and those who do have a taste to it will not enjoy this dish, I did not enjoy it. The sea bass was perfectly cooked and being a sea food person, I enjoyed it. Chef Marou's signature dish was a hit on the table, everyone loved the lamb shanks.

Lastly, for Dolci, Classic tiramisu and Gratineted zabaglione with Fresh strawberry. Both the desserts were delish, Tiramisu being my all time favorite Italian dessert and Gratineted zabaglione which is Italian dessert similar to egg custard with Fresh strawberry.

Overall the new additions to the menu is interesting and if you are around Whitefield and craving for some good Italian food then give Alto Vino a try. Do make prior reservations and make it a poiint to meet Chef Marou during your visit :) Happy eating!

As I was relishing every dish, I missed taking any pic so pic credits goes to @BLRMarriott Twitter

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Shang palace, Chinese experience at Shangri-La Bengaluru

Shang Palace is Shangri-La's signature Chinese restaurant perched on level 3, offering authentic Chinese cuisine presented by a brigade of Chinese expatriate chefs. It has indoor and outdoor seating. For a more intimate dining experience, guests may dine in either of the two traditional private dining rooms, Bengaluru’s first of its kind, catering to 12 and 8 guests. I had a walk through the restaurant during the launch of the property but I was recently invited to enjoy a Shangri-La experience at Shang palace along with other few bloggers.

At level 3, as you enter Shang Palace, you will have to walk a long ramp to head to the dining area. Chef Lin Lin Yang and his team greeted us to a private dining area where we experienced some of the best dishes along with conversations. Started the evening with some refreshing Chinese tea while everyone warmed up for a gastronomical experience. I love authentic chinese food so I waited with waited breath for every dish to be unveiled.

We started the meal with some appetizers, Crispy lotus stems (lotus stems tossed with chilli and hoisin sauce), Chinese cucumber salad (cucumber with yellow bean sauce, banana chilli and coriander), Chongqing chilli chicken (Wok fried chicken with dry red chilli and schezwan pepper corns) and Roasted crispy pork belly. I did not try the pork belly. But I loved the cucumber salad which had a tangy twist to it, at times I am fond of veggies too ;) I'm not a fan of lotus stems but hoisin sauce twist to this dish made the difference and I liked it. Chilli chicken was very spicy, clearing my throat and the taste of chilli was left on my throat for a long time.

After some yummilicious appetizers, it was time for some dim sums. Pan fried mushroom bun (Fungus, shiitake and spring onions in a pan fried bun) and Prawn hargau (Traditional cantonese prawn dim sum) was served. I have always loved prawn hargau and this tasted good too. Though I am not not fond of mushroom, but pan fried buns have been my favorite but in lamb. Mushroom bun with the sauces available was delish. I am waiting to try Barbecued chicken puff when I visit next.

How can I miss having Crabmeat soup when its on the menu? With asparagus and egg drops I enjoyed every spoon of it. It is a must try here.

I sipped on a refreshing mocktail while I ate some finger-licking food.

For main course, Mapo tofu (Tofu tossed with bamboo shoots and shiitake mushrooms in chilli bean sauce) and Stir fried chinese greens (Seasonal green tossed with garlic) was served with Yangzhou fried rice with egg. I am not fond of both the dishes but gave tofu a try as it was praised for tofu being very soft.

For non-veg, Hunan style steamed fish (fish with pickled chillies and fragrant soy sauce) was served with Yangzhou fried rice. This tasted exceptionally well. Also, Gongbao prawns (prawns fried with dry chillies and peanuts) with the fried rice was relished. I could also eat the prawns by itself.

Roasted Beijing duck (duck meat carved and served with scallion, cucumber, sweet bean sauce and pancakes). They made rolls by adding all ingredients and served. This dish was a little sweet compared to all other dishes and this completed my entire meal, of course dessert was pending ;)

Almond milk jelly (almond milk jelly served with papaya) with Cinnamon ice-cream was the dessert for the night. Papaya over powered the milk jelly which anyway did not have much taste but cinnamon ice-cream was very good. I'm not very fond of asian desserts much too.

Overall the experience was brilliant where almost all dishes were loved which is a rare thing I face. When I had a look at the menu, there were many other dishes which I could like to try in my other visits. I couldn't help but admire all the chandeliers in the hotel. Yes I am visiting the place again for the brilliant service along with exceptionally tasting food. The prices of the dishes are also reasonable making it a must visit place. You can also enjoy this experience while having a hearty lunch (from noon to 3PM) or a healthy private dinner (from 6:30PM to 10:30PM).

Monday, 23 November 2015

'Organa' juices for a healthy living

Organic farming has been a traditional way of farming in India. The aim of organic agriculture is to produce high quality, nutritious food that contributes to preventive health care and well-being. It is always better to have organic food rather than conventionally processed food.

Mother India Farms was established in 2000 to nurture acres of farms with traditional organic methods to produce and provide quality organic and natural food products to global consumers, contributing to healthy living. The domestic business of MIF is handled by a subsidiary company, MION (Mother India Organics and Naturals Pvt. Ltd). MION has launched India’s first Certified Organic Juices and Fruit Bars, under the brand name ‘Organa’.

Mr.Gopinath Director of Operations _ Mr. Pradeep Kumar Executive Director & Mr. Durairaj Rangaswamy, CEO Founder, Mother India Farms
MIF is encouraging and promoting a commitment to healthy eating and living, creating a healthier environment around. I got my hands on some 'Organa' juices

RICH ORGANIC MANGO JUICE - It's a premium juice made out of Mother India Farms’ organic mango pulp. A perfect blend of Alphonso and Totapuri mangoes and a rich 20% pulp gives the juice a natural mango taste as if eating a mango fruit itself.

ORGANA RICH PULPY GUAVA - This is made from my favorite fruit and natures very best naturally ripened Organic Pink Guava fruit with 21.5% of Organic Pink Guava Pulp blended in each bottle of Organa’s Rich Pulpy Guava Juice.

RICH PULPY MIXED FRUIT - Apple is most nutritious and a miracle fruit. While, Guava is a super fruit, Mango is the king of fruits and Pineapple, highly fibrous. Say Cheers and stay healthy with Organa Rich Pulpy Mixed Fruit.

ORGANA REFRESHING APPLE - Made from Apples sourced from the Organic farms of Europe, you get world’s finest Organic Apple Drinks. It’s tasty, refreshing, and healthy.

You can avail them too at the nearest major retail stores and stay healthy :)

More about Mother India Farms/MION can be found below:

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Würfel Küche, imported modular kitchen for your home

Gone are the days when the kitchen was seen as a neglected part of ones home. Today they spell modern designs, top of the line finishes, hi tech appliances and are a miniature world in themselves which demands finesse, elegance and functionality. It is one of the fastest growing industry in the country. To ensure the delivery of European Kitchens at Indian price, Würfel was launched in Bangalore in October 2015 with a strong franchise network across the city.

Würfel is a premium modular kitchen and wardrobe brand that aims to revolutionise the Indian modular kitchen industry with its commitment of providing the finest European Modular Kitchens & Wardrobes at a highly competitive pricing. Würfel Küche is a result of over three years of intense R&D on the top brands in the world of Kitchens and Wardrobes with focus on the Indian Market. Würfel is an extremely quality conscious brand that conforms to superior quality standards in designing, manufacturing, installation & servicing and offers comprehensive solutions to its customers.

Würfel Küche adhers to strong European traditions, 100% top of the line German machinery, raw materials & fittings from across Europe, to deliver world-class kitchens that speak of innovation, style and functionality. The products perfected to International standards, reflect unmatched quality, excellent craftsmanship and have set a benchmark in the world of modular kitchens.

Khanindra Burman(Kay)+ Aditya Bal
Wurfel Core Team
Würfel will be available to its clientele through a strong franchise network across the country and has already established a strong foothold in the city with 5 showrooms. Würfel would also extend to 5 more franchise across the country by end of November. Roadmap talks about 15 franchise by end of financial year 2015-16.

The price range for kitchens starts at 1.5 lakh upward to 30 lakh and Rs 50,000 onward for wardrobes.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Planet Fashion turns 15 this year

Planet Fashion celebrated their 15th Anniversary and for the celebration, they showcased the menswear range at a star-studded Fashion Show at The Black Rabbit Indiranagar.

Planet Fashion completes 15 successful years of providing a superior retail experience and offering men a one-stop destination for all their apparel needs. On the occasion, Planet Fashion showcases their latest collection at a fashion show featuring Santosh CS – a Rally Biker and Behram Siganporia – the lead of the music band One Night Stand. The show, which is divided into 4 sections, offers the progressive Indian man a host of wardrobe solutions for all occasions.

Santosh, Behram and Actress Pavithra
Planet Fashion COO Puneet Kumar and Brand Head Rahul Jhamb
The Suit Collective: A stunning and endless gathering of Classic Suits, Tuxedos, three piece suits and Bandhgalas. The Suit Collective is a celebration of the groom, his friends and their wedding trousseaus.

All whites: Every white shirt you ever dreamed of having -from classic plain to textured stripes. An array of collars and cuffs to play with, the best white shirt leads this pristine offering.

Wrinkle Frees: Stay comfortable and stylish with easy and low maintenance everyday work wear range. The non-iron shirt from this collection can't be missed and deserves to be hunted down and pinned up!

Party Attire: The collection features shirts and jackets that get you in the groove much before your spirits end up high.

All these new collections are available from Planet Fashion’s stable of flagship brands Louis Philippe, Van Heusen and Allen Solly. Over the last 15 years, Planet Fashion has made men look good and fashionable and continues to make them look better with their hand picked collection of Suits, Jackets, Shirts, Trousers, denim and Accessories. Crafted on the principles of Formals, Fashion, Fun and Friends, Planet Fashion’s new brand identity is youth-centric and symbolizes infinite fashionable and stylish options for the progressive Indian man.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Your one chance to be on Power Couple is here

Reality show has taken over the saas-bahu trend on Indian television and taking this tradition forward, Sony Entertainment television is launching an exciting reality series Power Couple, one-of- a kind show which will see popular celebrity couples competing against each other on various tasks.

The series will be produced by Colosceum India of Lalit Sharma. The series is the Indian adaptation of the Israeli television series Power Couple.

For the first time on Indian Television, 10 real life celebrity couples will enjoy the true test of love.
This test of love would be a fun and entertaining series of challenges - psychological and physical. The real question would be how far are they willing to go for love? It will be amazing to find out how much they know, trust and love each other. Get ready for the ultimate test of true love. The show will be hosted by one of strongest couple of Bollywood, Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora Khan.

But hey, what's so different in this post?

Well, have you always thought of being on a reality show? Then this is your chance. If you have a partner and would like to see yourself on television then participate in the Power Couple Contest. When true love is put to the test, the most caring, trusting and daring couple rise to power. Are you ready for this challenge? Then participate here: 

With 3 steps, you could get famous. Share in 150 words, "What is the most sweetest thing you have ever done for your love?" and upload a romantic picture of you with your partner. Here is your chance to be on Television and become India's 1st Power Couple.

So why miss this chance? Participate now and you could enter the show as a wild card entry. I know of a friend who has participated. Are you ready for the ultimate test of true love?

Pic credit: @SonyTV's twitter page