Friday, 9 March 2018

Home-buying experience for Women with Puravankara

We celebrate International Women's day every year but have we given women their due respect on other days? The dream of building a New India can be achieved by empowering women through ensuring an equal opportunities in society and financial matters.

Most brands just wish women on women's day but do nothing much which gives them equal opportunities as men. But Puravankara took a step ahead towards women development. With an employee base of 50% comprising of women, Puravankara is constantly strive towards creating opportunities and platforms where women can act and perform.

Apart from this, Puravankara has taken another step through online buying extravaganza wherein Puravankara is offering additional benefits for women buyers. Women are the key decision holders when it comes to home buying, a man may be the face of it but without the approval or consent of the women of the house, no house is purchased. Puravankara is encouraging this and supporting women to take a concrete decision like 'home buying'. So get ready ladies and buy your dream home with Puravankara this March.

250 of their best 2 bedroom homes are on offer at special prices only for women buyers across their projects in Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad and Coimbatore, which happen to be best investment option too. Such offers do not last long, this offer ends on 31st March 2018. This one month long endeavour has been launched this women's day and will be active every year during this period.

Head to and choose your favorite apartment, simply register online by paying for 1sqft and lock the special price for 1 full month before making the final decision. You can also unlock further discount by sharing the offer on your social media site. You can also swap your apartment if you liked another one at no additional cost or even cancel your booking with no question asked.
Puravankara has taken its step towards TRUE INDEPENDENCE, have you? Happy home-buying :)

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