Friday, 15 May 2015

Taste of Arabia at The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore

I enjoy food festivals a lot as I get to taste different cuisines which otherwise might not be available for me to relish. This time I was invited by The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore for a short festival 'Taste of Arabia' in association with Air Arabia at 'The Market' which is on till the 17th May. I skipped the bloggers table and chose to relish the lavish buffet spread of middle eastern cuisine which was crafted by Chef Rami Alkamet. Chef Rami is a master in Arabian and Mediterranean cuisine and he has got his signature dishes for the Bangalore crowd.

Choosing the buffet spread was a good option as I get to experience what a customer will get on his plate. Taking a look at the buffet, I was impressed with the variety. Looks like The Market will be my next favorite place for buffet.

Stepping in late, I started with few yummy dishes on my plate. Lamb tagine, Chicken tagine with olives, Lamb moroccon stew and Shrimp tagine. The meat was cooked well and tasted good too. Chicken tagine with olives had a tangy taste and Shrimp tagine was my favorite.

Lamb tagine
Lamb moroccon stew
Chicken tagine with olives
Shrimp tagine
A good spread of fresh hummus was also there. I tried some veg starter too and my favorite was Khus khus with caramelized onion, it was light and a little sweet. I wouldn't mind another serving of this. Potato with coriander, eggplant starter, Chicken salad and Chickpeas salad was also good.


Chicken salad
Chickpeas salad

Potato with coriander
Khus khus with caramalised onions
For main course, I was too happy to see some of my favorite dishes on the spread. I started with Lal maas, Badami murg, Subzi methi malai. I had these with pita bread and some fresh roti. Lal maas was very good but I do not have a good picture of it.

Badami murg
Subzi methi malai
Pita bread
It was a little too late for me to enjoy the remaining spread and also desserts. Hopefully next time I will eat I faster ;) But I don't regret eating any dish. Arabian food is very rich and heavy, but tasty. I love Arabian food. I was too engrossed in relishing every dish and the spread truly became my favorite. Wish the festival was a little longer so that I could enjoy this again. The lunch is priced at Rs. 1500+taxes and dinner at Rs. 1600+taxes.

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