Friday, 1 May 2015

Sculpture Show at The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore

The Ritz-Carlton Bangalore has partnered with Gallery Time & Space, one of the leading contemporary art galleries in Bangalore to display a selection of carefully-curated works of world renowned sculptors at The Lobby Lounge in the hotel between 30 April – 20 May, 2015.

With their existing collection of 1280 art pieces from across, they are already established as an art hotel and by organizing regular art exhibitions they aim at being further involved in encouraging artists, both established and upcoming and make our collection accessible to everyone who appreciates art.

Gallery Time and Space, established in 1997, has grown into a premier gallery of Bangalore, with a reputation for integrity and cognitive ability. The gallery's collection comprises works of established masters as well as young and talented artists.

The artists that they are showing are some of the most eminent sculptors in the country. It is an eclectic collection of a wide ranging idea/form. The participating artists are from all parts of India. They have received honors and accolades and the senior artists are some of the best in the country. The young and upcoming artists have already been recognized as accomplished and having a forte in their chosen path.

The participating artists:

Dimpy Menon
“There is a meditative quality to Dimpy Menon's works arising out of a stillness that characterizes prayer, like the stillness at the eye of a storm”

Bimal Kundu
His eight feet high Bird, made of aluminum, welcomes thousands of visitors every day at Kolkata airport. Other landmark creations of this sculptor are 14 feet high Birpurush and 10 feet high Kolkata (medium-concrete) stand majestically at Nicco Park and V I P Road in Kolkata respectively. 

Sharanu Alloli
Sharanu Alloli is a Mumbai based artist trained under Andani VG at Gulbarga art school. He is famous for his nude self-portraits which he painted more than 50 still counting. His early success came from Singapore art auction house Larasatti.

Sakti Burman
In the artist’s work, reality mingles with the world of his dreams. The artist had his first solo exhibition in 1954 in Kolkata, and has since exhibited widely across the world including at venues like the Galerie des Beaux-Arts, Paris; Piccadilly Gallery, London; Galerie Doucet et Coutureau, Paris; Galleria Nuovo Sagittario, Milan; and Galerie Sagar, Zurich.

Ravi Shah
Exposed to art from an early age by his mother, an art critic, Shah formally studied painting and sculpture at several institutions, Shah's works have also been featured in several group exhibitions in India, Belgium, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United State.

S. Nandagopal
One of the first set of artists to move into Cholamandal. This versatile artist is a recipient of National Award of Lalit Kala Academy and the Jindal Stainless Steel award for sculpture. Honoured with Senior Fellowship by the Government of India and Nominated as an advisor to the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.  S Nandagopal is often inspired by parables and tales as these myths give form to the infinite philosophies of India. None the less he is not bogged down in a past, but embraces the present to find the Now.

Akhil Chandra Das
There is something quite surreal about these sculptural works, both in their juxtaposition of quirky, absurd objects and in their representations of a hypocritical society with desire for objects. 

Pintu Sikdar
His works are sometimes textural and times highly Polished and finished. His works show that he is a figurative Artist fully conversant with anatomical academic realism.

Arzan Khambatta
Arzan is a qualified Architect from Rachna Sansad's Academy of Architecture,  The desire to start transforming scrap to art form convinced Arzan to learn the art of welding.  He now sculpts from metal sheets, straps, rods, pipes and various other sections that are twisted, beaten and textured to give the desired effect. The next time you drive around Mumbai, take a look at the rhinoceros made of scrap at Nariman Point, and the dolphins at Worli. Both have been done by him and have a permanent place in the city.

John Zacharia
For Zack, the movement to stone was natural and inevitable. Working with one of the most unforgiving mediums, he seeks to explore the untapped potential of stone, transforming it into a liquid, fluid articulation that focuses on the tactile senses of touch, movement and sensation to reveal the inner dimensions of experience and deliberation.

His subject of study is the horse; in drawing, terracotta, or bronze sculpture in which he captures the power of a creature that can take man on a flight of fantasy.

Do visit the Hotel to witness these creations.

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