Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Hair Care session with Ryan Fernando and Kate Hallam at Advanced Hair Studio

Advanced Hair Studio (AHS), world’s largest hair replacement, hair re-growth company recently conducted a hair care session with Bangalore’s renowned nutritionist Ryan Fernando and AHS ambassador Ms Kate Hallam, Former Beauty queen, Actress and International Model and Wife to Lucky Ali in Bangalore. The session included an informative talk highlighting the importance of simple dietary requirements to get a perfectly healthy scalp and beautiful hair. The session also answered a plethora of conventional myths regarding hair care, highlighted the latest hair trends, advancements in the hair industry as well.

Ryan Fernando is one of the best celebrities Sports Nutritionist to a host of Athletes. Ryan’s clients include 2 GUINNESS world record Holders in feats of Human Endurance, 2 Olympic Medals with Wrestler Sushil Kumar, Cricketers Robin Uthappa, Shikar Dhawan, Harbhajan Singh,  Praghyan Ojha, Golfing Diva Sharmila Nicollet and  a host of South Indian Film stars  and CEO’s. 

Ryan Fernando, while discussing the importance of hair in the session, strongly recommended that eating healthy is the best way to look beautiful. Human cells are made up in a very basic way of raw materials (Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen and plethora of minerals) and eating right provides these essential raw materials that lead to the perfect maintenance, growth and regeneration of hair. 

Further talking about healthy eating, Ryan Fernando said, “Hair, nails and skin are the first indicators for bad eating, where they lose their vibrancy. Therefore, one needs to be very conscious of eating the right foods (fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and water) as well as eating the right calories (protein, carb and fats). It is very important for us to determine the nutrients value and accordingly supplement our food intakes.

Kate Hallam said, “It’s high time that we start taking our diet seriously. Increasing stress, erratic sleeping schedules, busy lifestyles, pollution, everything adds to the regular wear and tear of body. Hair being a vital component of our body requires equal attention and dietary needs, as we have noticed it only catches our attention, when we have already lost a major portion of it. I consider myself lucky to have come in the sanctuary of Advanced Hair Studio and their unique procedures that helped me enhance my locks. Their regular hair care sessions on helped me know more about my hair inside- out and increase their luster over the time.

Advanced Hair Studio has also devised a unique procedure, called Advanced Fitness Programme, which is considered as one of the best treatments in the world to control hair loss and save existing hair.  It also thicken your existing thin and weak hair, re-grow hair in areas where the hair follicles are still alive but not dead, improves scalp condition and improves the texture of hair. Advanced Hair Studio Fitness Program promises to benefit all those who face hair thinning or hair fall problem. This procedure has given results to thousands of clients across the world. 

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