Saturday, 29 November 2014

The Hobson-Jobson Festival at Monkey Bar (Wood Street)

Monkey bar always been a place to visit to chill out with my friends. This time, I was invited for the preview of The Hobson Jobson Festival at Monkey Bar on 29th November, 2014. Chef Varun has designed an Anglo-Indian menu so if you are craving for some tasty Anglo-Indian food then head to Monkey bar between 1st December to 30th December, all days of the week.

I started my afternoon with a mocktail, The Royal Bombay Yatch Club East India having a mix of cherry, orange, pineapple with a twist of lime in it. It was a refreshing drink to start with. Later had a traditional mocktail to refresh my taste buds.

For appetizers, I started with Panthras, crepes stuffed with lamb mince which is pan seared instead of deep fried and served with mint chutney. They make a veggie version with peppers, mushrooms and carrots in spiced tomato chutney. It was as delicious as it looks, rather much more tastier.

Next was Chingree Samosas, prawn balchao and fried brown onions stuffing was nice but less in the baked somasa. Served with mango chutney, but have this without the chutney else chutney taste with over power the taste of the samosa.

I tried very little of Pui Saag and cheese souffle which had a baking of spinach and cheese custard served with toast wedges and tomato chutney. I hate spinach but I wouldn't mind having this again and again. Its excellent.

What tempted me was Chicken Souffle, chicken cakes on a brioche (a light bread) with Mornay sauce and egg salad. It tasted good with the nut and raisin stuffing and I would choose this over the veggie version.

The best was saved for last. Chickpea and smoked fish salad is a delight. A non-salad lover will also enjoy this. Chunks of smoked betki is drizzled with Kasundi (mustard) and lime over organic arugula (rocket leaves), these rocket leaves aren't bitter at all and I strongly suggest Chef Varun, to move this salad to the regular menu for me to have this at anytime ;)

Main course looked interesting, I started with Jalfrezi which had chilli marinated roast beef with baby potatoes, onions, green chillies served with parantha. The beef was perfectly cooked, tender, juicy and spicy to the tongue. It would be the best food to be had on any winter day. I would just make my meal out of this, the next time I visit the festival.

I gave Dak Bungalow Murghi Roast, chicken skewer marinated with spice, lemon and yogurt served on a bed of saffron and coconut pilaf with baked tomato stuffed with mushy peas and roast baby potatoes. Chicken was mildly spicy and the pilaf taste the best due to fried onions. I liked the baked tomatoes the most though.

The veggies tried the Hot Pot, a brown curry with cauliflower, carrots, beans, potatoes and onions served with coriander droppies. The droppies (pancakes) are very cute and taste very well with the coconut curry.

The last main course I tried was Kedgeree, a wholesome meal of long grain rice with smoked fish, ribbons of egg and parsleys and spices. Well, I had this post having a dessert and I would have surely missed something if this was not ordered. A yummy bowl of rice with fish and eggs, squeeze some lemon and you are good to go.

After all the yummy food, my tummy will have some space for dessert. I tried 3 dessert from the menu. Railway Pudding to start with, baked vanilla cake with some Monkey bar homemade jam, cherries, jelly and tutti-frutti, get your childhood back with this sweet dessert.

Next was Brown bread butter pudding, wheat brioche with some vanilla cinnamon custard, tasted best with the ice-cream served.

Plum cake with Vanilla sauce is a killer, warm plum cake, pistachios and brandy butter. Don't have this and drive as it might contain more alcohol than your drinks. I did not try this but the others loved it.

Last dessert was Flagstaff House Chocolate Eclairs, yummy dark chocolate ganache cream could be any day comfort food for me.

You can try these Anglo-Indian dishes at Monkey Bar, Wood street ONLY for which has valet parking too.