Friday, 28 November 2014

An evening with Sublime House of Tea during Trousseau Week

On a cool breezy Friday evening, I was invited to 'Sublime from Prestige – Trousseau Week' for an exclusive Tea Extravaganza at Bangalore's most happening building, UB city.

I was welcomed by a well decorated gazebo showcasing the collection of best of gourmet tea from the Sublime along with some soothing live music.

The evening was hosted by the pretty and dynamic, Uzma Irfan, Executive Director, Prestige Group and Founder, Sublime Galleria. She started ‘Sublime House of Tea’, in 2013 which is promoted by the Prestige Group. She is also founder of Sublime Galleria that provides a great platform for various artists to showcase their work. She lead us through the entire tea journey enlightening us on the various gourmet teas that have been pioneered by Sublime.

The first tea which was offered was aromatic 'Seventh Heaven'. This tea can be served hot and cold. This tea has been made from the handpicked Black Tea Leaves from Nigiris, infused with natural aromas and freeze dried tropical fruit. I started my evening with a cold tea and towards the end of the evening, I tried he hot version too. I preferred the hot version. The tea is highly aromatic but the taste was a little mild than the aroma.

'Green Long Ding' was the next tea to be served to us. It is a Green Tea made from fresh tender long tea leaves, carefully treated and rolled using a distinct method. Not being a green tea lover, I was hesitant to try this but to my surprise the taste was different, refreshing and not at all bitter.

Next was 'Moroccan Mint'. We were told that this is a ceremonial tea served to the guest by the Head of the house. This is composed by flavoring the peculiar green tea leaves called gunpowder tea with the mint. It was highly aromatic and refreshing and I would prefer to have this any day and anytime. This was my favorite tea of the the entire Sublime tea treasure.

Next was 'White Tea with Raspberry'. Truly a drink for post noon. It is a lightly oxidized tea with higher antioxidants properties. The taste was very mildly fruity yet energizing.

The last tea from their treasure which was brought to the table was 'Rose in Bloom'. It is inspired by the Persian rose gardens and with the presence of rose-petals, fennel, liquorice, aniseed, black pepper, white pepper and nutmeg, this is one herbal tea which you would want after every meal which has cooling effect and also digestive benefits. A rosy affair after every meal could be the best decision.

The evening with Sublime House of Teas and my 'date' with the various gourmet teas by them was refreshing and informative. My taste buds were delighted with the variety of teas they offered which were never tasted before. I have my favorites, what about you?

Get more information on Sublimed House of Tea here.