Friday, 28 November 2014

White Elephant - A Thai experience

I was recently invited to White Elephant on 100 feet road, Indiranagar to review their menu. On getting to know that it Was authentic THAI restaurant, I was not at all excited as I have tried some 'Indianized' thai food and was not impressed by it. But yes, I was eager to try authentic thai food to decide if I like the cuisine or not.

Entering into a quiet and cosy place, I was pretty much impressed with the interiors, decent and simple with dim lights and table spaced well for everyone to have their private conversations. A huge idol of seated Buddha has a calming effect. I started my evening with a Heart Breaker which was mix of grape, cranberry, lime and blackcurrant. I also tasted Dark House which had hazelnut, vanilla, cola and ice-cream. I was not very impressed with the mocktails so I went with the usual lime juice at the end.

Cocktails had by others:

Lot of people judge a place with the firs sip/bite they take, I would suggest you to not judge this place by that. Wait till you taste the food.

For starters, Khao Pod Thod Naam Prik Pow, Pla Yang, Kai Hor Bai Taey, Manfrang Tod Samros, Choop Bong Thod, Koong Phat Prik Horm Sab and Yum Woonsen was served. I am sure most of you wouldn't understand anything until I describe the dishes to you.

Khao Pod Thod Naam Prik Pow came first, a veg starter. It is babycorn tossed with Thai chilli paste served in rice tartlets. Rice crackers are a great munchkin so this was an advanced version which was good to start with.

Pla Yang was next which was a spicy skewed grilled fish. Oh, this tasted well and I wouldn't mind another serving of it. it was spicy and full of flavors.

Kai Hor Bai Taey was served which was marinated chicken wrapped in a pandana leaf. If this was had before the fish then I would have liked it even more but I loved the fish. Standalone, this dish was good, chicken was cooked well and the flavors of pandana leaves was evident.

Manfrang Tod Samros, is crispy fried potatoes tossed with tri-flavor sauce. Potatoes are my fav veg starter and my comfort food so I will be completely biased in saying that I loved this.

Choop Bong Thod had crispy fried vegetables which were tossed with Thai chilli paste.

Koong Phat Prik Horm Sab had prawns tossed with chilli, onion, garlic in tamarind sauce. The tamarind sauce gave a tangy flavor to the prawns and was loved by my taste buds.

Yum Woonsen is a spicy glass noodles salad. We tried the veg version and I guess this would taste the best in veg and not chicken.

Time for main course, I was impressed with the starters and hoping for better main course. I went with the suggestions of the Chef for main course. I had Kaeng Keow Whan, Kaeng red, Khao Hom Mali, Steamed noodles and Prawns with lime and garlic. Back to explanation ;)

Kaeng Keow Whan is Thai traditional green curry and we had this with fish, served it with steamed noodles. This was ideally the best combination and tasty green curry I had.

 I guess the fish did the magic too. Kaeng red is Thai red curry had we had this with chicken, served with Khao Hom Mali which is jasmine rice, mid taste of jasmine can be tasted.

Chef's special, prawns in lime and garlic was good but other dishes were better.

Veggies enjoyed some Chef's suggestion too which they relished.

During some days, guest would be stunned with magic show by Rakesh Syam, an international famed close up magician from USA. With every jaw dropping act, he left us stunned with his 10 years of experience. This is a special surprise one would get at White Elephant.

Magician in action

After stunning acts by Rakesh, it was time for desserts. Gruay Thod, Tub Tim Grob, Sankhya Fak Thong and ice-creams was served.

Gruay Thod were deep fried banana with honey and sesame seeds. Preparation time>Eating time. I personally like this from the time I had it at Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine. So this was yummy too but I would want a scoop of ice-cream to accompany it.

Tub Tim Grob is a dessert where water chestnuts are served with sweetened Jasmine flavored coconut milk. I have had this at Tim Tai earlier and loved it more at White Elephant. The sweet content was exact to my taste which me have an extra bowl ;)

I also tasted Sankhya Fak Thong which contains egg. It is a traditional pumpkin custard with coconut ice cream. I wouldn't prefer this over the above two.

Chocolate, coconut and jack fruit ice cream was served. Though I like jack fruit as a fruit as such but the ice-cream did not impress my taste buds but I loved the taste of chocolate and coconut ice-cream.

Over all a good experience, great food, stunning acts by Rakesh Syam made my Saturday evening special.