Saturday, 6 December 2014

Amrut Whisky Tasting at The Glass House

I was recently invited for Amrut Whisky tasting session at the Glass house, Bangalore. As I do not consume alcohol, I took along Arjun from along with me for the alcohol tasting while I enjoyed the food at The Glass House.

Amrut whisky is based in our very own Bengaluru, an Indian brand single malt whisky. They have reached international market and already been sold in over 30 countries across the world. Amrut Fusion has been rated at No.3 by Jim Murray from over 4,000 whisky he had tried from across the world, with a score of 97/100. Amrut whisky actually started out as a MBA project of Mr Rakshit Jagdale, this project has put India in the whisky market shocking everyone across the globe.

Mr. Ashok Chokalingam, Mr. Rakshit Jagdale and Mr. Vikram from Amrut took everyone through the blind whisky tasting. This was a blind whisky tasting, where there were just six glass with whisky without any identification of the brand. The tasting session was taken forward by Mr Ashok Chokalingam who was the Whisky Ambassador for the year 2012, voted by the Icons of Whisky. He explained us the various aspects of whisky that can be briefly explained as nosing, tasting, balancing and finish, along with guessing the age and origin.

Arjun rated the below whisky according to what he found the best:
1. 22/40 for Glenmorangie
2. 30/40 for Amrut Classic Malt
3. 26/40 for Black label
4. 31/40 for Jim Beam
5. 34/40 for Amrut Fusion
6. 32/40 for Amrit peated

Do note that one man's whisky might not be liked by others. But the manner of whisky tasting sessionwas very impressive where many learnt new ways of appreciating whisky.

After the whisky tasting, chef at The Glass House served us few of his signature dishes. We were served with Stuffed mini eggplant roulade, Goat cheese lollipops, Margarita pizza, Chicken fire cracker, Beef carpaccio and Lamb sliders The chef used very less ingredients in his dishes to enhance the flavors.

The Chicken fire cracker had a mix of mango puree and mustard which was an interesting combination and the tender chicken blended well with this combination. A tangy twist suited my liking.

If you like goat cheese then you have to try the Goat cheese lollipops. I do not like goat cheese much but did give it a try. The saltiness in the goat cheese and the dates and jalapenos stuffing was liked by many but not me.

Margarita pizza was a thin crust pizza which was repeated on the table. As I love sliders, Lamb slider was thoroughly enjoyed. The lamb patty was juicy and cooked to perfection.of the food.

A hint of The Glass House will surely take me to the restaurant again.

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