Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Marrybrown Chicken festival

I have heard of Marrybrown but never really had or tried to visit them. Recently I got to know that they are having a Chicken festival. So I thought I should give it a try.

When I received the Marrybrown Chicken festival hamper, I found many things in it with some different flavors. Some fusion Moroccan with spicy Peri Peri along with tangy Brazilian flavors were introduced for our taste buds.

I love wraps more than burger so I started with Moroccon wrap followed by Peri Peri wrap then Brazilian wrap. I loved the Moroccon wrap and the spice in me loved Peri Peri. Brazilian did not suit my taste much compared to other wraps.

Then it was time for some burgers. I tried the Hotouch Chicken Burger in Moroccon flavor, a Fish burger for the seafood lover in me and Veg Burger in Peri Peri flavor. I can never imagine liking a veg burger more than non veg but I truly loved it. Global flavors in the wraps and burgers gives a tongue a ride around the world.

You can also have some Fried chicken, Chicken Drumstick along with Chicken poppers, chicken strips, Chick-a-bomb, Buffalo wings, Chicken lollypop, Cheese corn nuggets, Veg fingers, Potato wedges, French fries, etc from the festival menu. Food is served hot and you better have it hot :)

Marrybrown Chicken festival is on till 15th January and they have introduced over 40 new items in their menu. Head to the nearest outlet and try the one you like.