Friday, 26 December 2014

Yauatcha - New additions to the menu

Yauatcha is an asian/chinese restaurant which serves great cantonese food which is one of the Eight Culinary Traditions of Chinese cuisine. Yauatcha, might sound very different but it is actually wordplay on the Cantonese phrase ‘Yum cha’, which means ‘to drink tea’- traditionally. Not for today though as I was here to have a tummy full dinner.

They have some new additions to their menu due to which I was very excited to try them and also have some of my old favorites from the menu. I went to Yauatcha for my Christmas dinner with Arjun. Read on to know what I had and how did I find it.

Well stocked bar
I started my evening with Tokyo Sunrise, a combination of lemongrass, raspberry, guava juice, peach juice and elderflower syrup. It tasted well and a little sweet, just as I like. I have had this earlier too so I preferred this again. While Arjun had Orange & chilli mocktail which had a combination of orange juice, lemongrass, palm sugar, chilli and mint. A choky and spicy flavor settles with every sip.

Now, the dimsums were arriving, one after the other, the best one's. Started with Beetroot and celery dumpling followed by Pan fried Charcoal Lamb Bun which became my favorite. I wouldn't mind having another round of it but saved my tummy for other dishes. This could be had as an evening snack or even morning breakfast as I loved it.

Beetroot and celery dumpling
Pan fried Charcoal Lamb Bun
Crispy duck roll was served next where I did not get much taste of the duck meat, just a hint of it was felt. Then, Sugar chicken roll was served. As I took the first bite, I felt the presence of sugarcane which was firm and holding the entire chicken while fried. I found it innovative.

Crispy duck roll
Sugar chicken roll
Prawn and seaweed dumpling was served. While my love for seafood is obvious in my blog, this dumpling had the perfect taste of seaweed and prawn, it blended well and none of the ingredients over powered the taste. I requested for Sesame Prawn Toast which is my favorite. Minced prawn on a toasted covered with sesame seeds. I do not like sesame seeds but I prefer it in this dumpling only as juicy minced prawn on the toast is my comfort food.

Prawn and seaweed dumpling
Sesame Prawn Toast
I was absolutely hesitant to try Spicy squid cake as I feel nothing much can be done with squids except for frying them golden brown. With no expectation I tried this dumpling by which I was taken aback. The meat is mixed well with the batter, not giving me those onion rings type of taste or feeling. I am sure I will never ever miss this. I am glad that I did give this a try as this was the best squid I have ever had.

Spicy squid cake
Next, Wrapped chicken with black pepper was served. It was my choice as it was cool and breezy night. I wanted to have something with black pepper. A simple dish but full of its flavors. I can surely ask for one more as every bite was worth having.

Wrapped chicken with black pepper
Ok to much on non veg? Next I tried Vegetable yin yang dumpling. This dumpling was dipped in a sauce and served. Veggies aren't that bad too.

Vegetable yin yang dumpling
Don't judge me now. I asked for some soup. I chose the Hot and Sour with shredded chicken. Hot soup with chicken can be best had on a cool night. A little extra soya sauce was felt but I cannot complain as my tongue felt it right. Arjun had some Sweet corn soup with chicken where corn and chicken was minced. I would preferred mine soup more.

Hot and Sour with shredded chicken
Before main course was served, I tried Nara Iced tea which had Chilli vanilla sugar, cinnamon, passion fruit juice and jasmine tea. This was suggested by the server and I can trust his choice next time too. I love iced tea but this was different. the combination gave it a new feel to the tongue.

Nara Iced tea
I was still hungry, ok I have a good appetite especially when the food is very tasty. So it was time for main course. Stir-fry prawns in home town chilli sauce was served with Steamed Jasmine rice. Sweet in the beginning and spicy towards the end, this was the taste of the dish. Hints of cucumber, carrot, capsicum, cherry tomato along with prawns was exceptionally tasty.

Stir-fry prawns in home town chilli sauce
Steamed Jasmine rice
Stir-fry kam heyong lamb with steamed jasmine rice was next. I cannot choose which main course was better. Lamb was juicy and delish too. Jasmine rice did not have much taste of jasmine. I was too engrossed in prawn and lamb gravy.

Stir-fry kam heyong lamb with steamed jasmine rice

After long gap, dessert was served. Selection of macarons was served which had orange, chocolate and pista flavors. Raspberry delice was next, an amazing looking dessert which had Raspberry insert, dark chocolate mousse and hazelnut brownie served with raspberry ripple ice cream. I was too busy admiring the dish and did not feel like disturbing it, yet I had to else Arjun would have finished it. It was good and I prefer it having it with ice cream as it neutralizes the sweetness.

Selection of macarons
Raspberry delice
Next, Mango mascarpone gateau was served which was feuilletine crunch, parline (sugar candy) mascarpone (cheese) cream, litchi sorbet. Another superb looking dessert and every bite was cheesy and hints of crunchiness too.

Mango mascarpone gateau
Lastly, Religieuse was served which I have had earlier too. A chocolaty and filling dessert in true sense. It was a chocolate choux pastry with hazelnut cremeux, chocolate praline ganache (sauce) served with ginanduja (sweet chocolate) ice cream. One yummy chocolaty dessert it is and extremely filling too.

I was still standing on my feet after having all what was mentioned. It's very difficult to point out the mistake in any dish. My goodness, I can never ever get enough of Yauatcha. I am waiting to go back and try their other dishes too. Let me know which is your favorite.