Thursday, 15 January 2015

Wild evening at Shiro with Chef Kiran Jethwa

Let's all admit that at some point of time we've thought of what our friends in Africa often indulge in; then we've wondered if we could stomach the food ourselves.

Kiran Jethwa, an Indo-Kenyan-English chef whose fear of heights is non-existent. He's a pilot most of the time and when he isn't flying, he's cooking some of Kenya's signature dishes.

Fox Life's new show, 'Tales From A Bush Larder', premiering on 28th January 2015 at 9.30 pm will take you on a journey across the length and breath of Kenya - and it's fantastic cuisine - with Kiran Jethwa as your very able guide.

At Shiro, we got a chance to taste an exclusive menu put together by Chef Jethwa at Shiro, Bengaluru that encompasses traditional Kenyan cuisine - and since the Chef is a fan of fusion food - Asian cuisine to compliment the style of Shiro.

Chef Kiran did some live cooking and gave us a glimpse of the show. I personally loved the bao.

Catch the show on Fox Life Every Thursday and Friday at 8.00 pm. Show starts on 29th January 2015