Friday, 30 January 2015

Republic of Noodles at Lemon Tree Hotel

I was invited to a Pan Asian restaurant in Lemon Tree by the name Republic of Noodles. Over a year, I have developed a good taste for asian food. It a cosy restaurant with dim light and low roof with bright color seating with standard seating across the restaurant.

For drinks, I started ,my evening with Sunshine in the evening which was refreshing and thirst quenching followed by Apple Frappe but twisted to a refreshing drink. I preferred the former over the latter.

Fried wontons came on the table first. Portion could have been a little more is what I felt. Fruits with wontons was had by me for the first time.

The Crispy Water Chestnuts with Bamboo shoots was served next. Not really fond of water chesnut starter, hence did not enjoy it much. The starter was filled with herbs which is why I could try it.

Banana Leaf wrapped Grilled Fish was next which excited me the most. Basa was cooked well and the taste of banana leaf was also present. It was simply delish and had an extra serving of it.

The Steamed Tofu with lime chilly dressing came next, not fond of tofu actually, but this came as a surprise to me. I actually liked tofu with lime chilly dressing giving it a pungent taste in every bite. Full marks to this.

Thai garlic pepper prawns which were fried and seasoned with herbs was good. I usually have sauteed prawns. But this was crispy and with the seasoned herbs it gave a flavor in every bite.

Grilled mushroom was served and by now you would know that I have not been a big fan of mushroom and especially in starters so I gave this a miss after tasting one.

Veg Vietnamese roll came along and this surely is something I would like to eat a little more. I like veggies in such roll with minimal ingredients to enhance every flavor.

Soups came in next, Tom Yum Goong soup was my choice. It was made to my taste, a clear soup with boiled prawns. One should try this during their visit.

The Veg Indonesian Soto Vegetable soup looked heavy and creamy with loads of vegetables in it. I just had a spoon of it and cannot write much.

Time for main course, I started with Phad Thai noodles. I don't like peanuts but it complimented the noodles very well and at least 1 peanut came in every morsel.

Another commendable dish was Green curry of prawns with Steamed Jasmine rice. Earlier I thought, green curry went really well with noodles but green curry with prawns tasted better with rice.

Some of the other served dishes which were served were Cambodian Chicken curry, Malaysian Family style chicken, Thai Fried Rice with chilli and basil, Tofu with exotic mushrooms, and Sri Lankan Curry fish. etc but I will try these the next time, esp chicken curry.

To end the meal, I was really waiting for this, Water chestnut rubies and longan in coconut milk was served which I thoroughly enjoy at every place so did I enjoy at Republic of Noodles too.

Coconut jelly with mango cream sauce was served. Coconut pudding tasted good and refreshing and the mango cream complimented it.

Natural flavored ice cream platter was the last on table with various flavors on offer. Tamarind, Kaffir lime, Choco Chilli, Wasabi, Lemongrass and Green Tea were on the platter. I tried Tamarind and kaffir lime for the first time and was mighty impressed with the taste. Wasabi, which I avoid most of the time, was not very strong hence I could eat it. Green tea and lemongrass are always refreshing along with choco chilli which gives a spicy after effect while having chocolate.

I enjoyed my meal at Republic of Noodles and will visit again to either try new dishes or try my favorites again. Hope this helps you to decide your dish during your visit to RON :)

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