Wednesday, 29 November 2017

This Winter At Monkey Bar With One Bowl Winter Menu

Winter is just setting in and what better than warm comfort food to share with friends and family. Monkey Bar is bringing their One Bowl Winter menu and wants to be part of your winter celebrations. The promotional menu is now available in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore from November 15, 2017- Jan 15, 2018. You and your entire taste buds will be satisfied with such meal in a bowl.
Food has many memories and feelings attached to it and on cold days all you want is these comfort food. Monkey Bar is offering such 12 hearty one-bowl meals packed with nostalgia. You have options to choose from different texture, taste or just simple food. I opted to enjoy some beef so I chose Korean Bibimbap made which had spicy gochujang steak with pink sticky rice, topped with fried eggs. I could easily eat another bowl of it for its flavors but I held on to try Kashmiri Yakhni, which has succulent mutton pieces cooked in yogurt and spices which was paired with a saffron pulao. These 2 bowls are my favorite from the menu and are a must try for those who have similar taste as mine.
For vegetarian friends, home-style Rajma Bowl or Kadhi Chawal, else Moroccan Vegetable Tagine with couscous za'atar or Wild Mushroom Khichdi would appetise you.
Chicken lovers would love to try spicy Nagarjuna Inspired Chilli Chicken with malabari parota or Sesame Teriyaki Chicken Bowl on a bed of sticky rice.
Seafood lovers will surely enjoy Goan Xacuti served with barnyard millets, Seafood Linguine, Prawn Pad Thai Noodles or Panch Phoron and Kasundi Mach with gobindobhog rice.
The menu has a bowl for every taste and every person. It's just time for you to head to the nearest Monkey Bar and enjoy a bowl full of flavors.

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