Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The Old Classic/Fashioned Menu at Cafe Felix

Cafe Felix is going retro in their style with a month long festival featuring comfort food from back in the day with Cafe Felix twist. Chef Ritwik Sarkar has created The Old Classic/Fashioned Menu which will take you on a trip down your memory lane filled with nostalgia. So let me tell show you some dishes that I tried and left me with nostalgic memories.

First came the Poached pear and Arugula Salad with Gorgonzola cheese and balamic dressing. I have always been a fan of Cafe Felix when they come up with twisted dishes with Arugula leaves so this worked for me. Next was my eternal favorite Prawn Cocktail. I expected it to come in a glass as I always had that memory, but this also had a Cafe Felix twist with a mix of avacado and green cucumber. There is also a Toasted Ham and Potato Salad which was enjoyed by other.
With the mention of Avacado, I had to sip on my favorite smoothie here which is the Avacado Chocolate Smoothie while my friend chose Date and Banana Smoothie.
Moving ahead with the meal, Steak Stroganoff was served which was my favorite dish from the menu. I highly recommend this. The meat was tender with fresh butter tossed fettuccine and the blend of spices was perfect for a good meal. For my veggie friends, Aubergine Parmigiana with melted bocconcini and eggplant wafers. I couldn't get my hands off this dish too.
For those who do not want to try the smoothie, they can opt for Slushie and we tried Green Apple and Cinnamon Slushie. But if you are in a mood for some sweetness then Birthday Cake Shake could be your drink. For all chocolate lovers, Chocolate Cake Shake is recommended for you.
Moving on, Classic Skillet Shepherd's Pie was next. Chef's has twisted this dish and did not layer it with mashed potatoes, instead layered it with cheese and mashed potatoes all around the meat. Spanish Paella was the last dish served, I tried the one with chicken and seafood alone and no chorizo. This rice dosh can fill you tummy completely.
No meal is complete without desserts. My favorite happens to be Baba-Au-Rhum. I always happen to enjoy warm desserts more at cafe Felix. Tiramisu happens to be served on a flat bowl. All time favorite Chocolate Brownie can also be enjoyed but you are going to miss the sizzles. Caramel Custard is a favorite of many and Cafe Felix doesn't go wrong with it.
This entire month, let Cafe Felix make you take a trip down the memory lane with some of your favorite dishes and by giving it a Cafe Felix twist. This November is for Nostalgia.

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