Saturday, 4 November 2017

The Boiling Crab - a must visit restaurant in Los Angeles

Food takes me to places, directly or indirectly. When I travelled to Los Angeles, USA this year for MTV Video Music Awards 2017, I grabbed an opportunity to explore the place and also the food.
I will write another post about my LA experience but this one is dedicated to my food experience. LA has too many places to eat, food trucks, fine dine restaurants, junk food too but what you choose to eat will define you. I have always enjoyed hot dogs or even a burrito at food trucks which is a quick grab on the go.
On this trip, I explored a new place to eat which gave me a different experience too and the food was mind blowingly delicious. The place is called THE BOILING CRAB, they have 2 outlets in LA -Wilshire Blvd and Kinross Avenue and total 7 outlets in California. This is a must visit place for all sea food lovers. When i visited the restaurant for the first time, I had no idea what I was in for. The server asked me if I had visited the place before and explained me the menu and the way food will be served. With many seafood options, I opted for shrimps with Whole Sha-bang sauce which was recommended by the uber driver. The sauce is a mix of all sauces, masaledaar and little spicy, suits perfectly to Indian taste buds. Whole shrimps, with head, tail and legs, no part of the shrimp is removed, is mixed well with the sauce and served a plastic bag. The table is covered with fresh plastic on which you will be eating. Some dips are also served along with lemons which you can squeeze into salt & pepper and enjoyed with the food. None of this will be required as the whole sha-bang sauce is good enough and everything else will ruin it. I actually got grossed out with the look of the shrimps as I dont like the look of raw meat or any sea food. But once I started eating the shrimps, I thoroughly enjoyed it to the extent of eating my fingers too. I also loved corn on the cobs along with the same sauce. They also have some good appetizers and drinks to savor along with. This place impressed me so much that I visited the place twice in the same trip and will surely go there every time I visit LA. Shrimps have been my favorite as it is my favorite sea food and also easy to eat compared to crabs and lobsters when served in this fashion.
The experience at The Boiling Crab will take you back to basics, eating with hands without cutlery or plates and licking your fingers till you eat them.

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