Sunday, 19 November 2017

Wok to Plate festival at Shizusan Shophouse & Bar

Asian food has been my latest favorite and the variety of food festivals and restaurants serving them is incredible. Shizusan is a Southeast Asian Shophouse & Bar located in Phoenix Market City, they are introducing a special menu in Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune, inspired by the wok culture that prevails across Southeast Asia.
12 types of rice and noodles dishes specially created by Chef Paul Kinny will transport you to the streets of Asia. For those who prefer noodles over rice like me, then start your meal with Yum Woom Sen which is Thai glass noodles with spicy sriracha rub, wood ear mushrooms, shredded snow peas and edamame beans. This salad will transport you to Thailand and is great to start your meal with.
The next best dish which I loved was E-Fu which is a Cantonese flat noodles with straw & enoki mushrooms, pea shoots, alfa sprouts and baby pok choy. The burst of flavors in every bite is something I will always remember.
In rice, Lo Mai Gai which is sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf with pickled cucumber, broccoli, carrot, bean sprouts and green peas. This dish was worth the wait and the best of the rice dishes. I also tried Khao Phad Kaprow which was another best rice dish, it is Thai basil scented fried rice with bird’s eye chili and caramelized scallions, I tried it with Chicken.
Shizusan is also serving classic Mee Sua which is salted buckwheat noodles with light soya, bird’s eye chili and winter vegetables. I am not fond of very salty dish so this did not make it to my favorite. They also have another classic, Pan Fried Noodles with street style crispy noodles with smoked duck, soy braised vegetables, Chinese cabbage and kalian leaves.
Ending the meal with some sweetness, Purple Rice which is a traditional sweet rice with sago pearls, mangosteen extract and grapefruit segments.
Noodles and rice can be topped with chicken, tenderloin or prawns. Rice is priced from Rs.525 and noodles from Rs. 495. This one food festival is not to be missed and I cannot wait to go back to try my favorites and the other dishes from the menu. The festival is on from 15th November in Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai.
PC: Shizusan

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