Sunday, 31 December 2017

Pampering session at Bodycraft Spa and Salon

2017 is coming to an end and the whole year has taken a toll in your health, hair and skin. Its important to take regular care of your skin and body.
Towards the year end I decided to pamper myself with a good facial at my favourite spa for facials which is Bodycraft Spa and Salon. I got my skin consulted and White Secrets facial was chosen for me. My skin is filled with blemishes and pimples due to change of skin routine and my skin is sensitive. White Secrets Facial helps my skin concerns perfectly with de-pigmentation and skin lightening, available for sensitive skin too. The complimentary hand, feet and back massage just adds cherry on the cake and gives you a complete body spa, and not just facial.
Coming to Bodycraft and not taking another service is not acceptable. I decided on facial alone but had to give in to a good Pedicure too. Bodycraft Spa and Salon has always provided me with the best facial and pedicure and has always been my go to place to pamper myself.
Be it any situation, special days like birthday or my visit to Oscars 2016 or MTV Video Music Awards 2017 or any travel, I always make sure I pamper nyself at Bodycraft Spa and Salon and look my best. Bodycraft has always made me look best and feel best about myself. If you wanna feel the same like I do then take an appointment at Bodycraft Spa and Salon and feel the difference. Love yourself first and then the world around you will love you too.

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