Sunday, 31 December 2017

2017 - What are you grateful for?

2017 is coming to an end and everyone has been busy making plans to party, holiday or spend time at home with family and close ones. But have you paused for a while and thought of all the moments spent this year, be it good or bad?
Sometimes I feel 2017 started just few days back when I shifted to my new home and sometimes I feel it was such a long year. Like every year, this year has also given us good and bad times. We usually tend to think of the bad times more and wish for a better 2018, our brains are so used to keeping the bad times more fresh in our memories. But have you counted your blessings this year?

Life is a roller coaster ride and there will always be ups and downs. Enjoy the downs of life as much as you enjoy it on the roller coaster. Take few minutes out from before 2017 comes to an end and think of all the good things that has happened this year, be it work, money, travel, smiles, happiness, new friends, good health, self love, self confidence, prayers and see the magic 2018 will bring for you.

2018 has a lot of hopes, happiness, love and peace for you, it will come with some tears or sadness but that is when you will truly enjoy the happiness and value it. Just keep that smile on your face and bring in the new year with lots of happiness.

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