Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Fine dining revolution with Wow Tables

What comes to your mind with the word 'Fine Dining'? Expensive, table manners, hole in the pocket, small portions, occasional? Well, I had the same myth's and one day the myth's broke when I started to fine dine at restaurants. Read some myth's here

It is time to change the way we think about fine dining in India. It's always about taking the step and deciding before believing the myth's or judging anything by articles. I took the step and decided to judge a fine dine experience and rate it myself rather than going by the myth's. Those who read my post, know that I go for fine dining a lot. To help you, GourmetItUp has transformed itself into WowTables to change the face of fine dining in India. They are trying to make it more accessible and more importantly busting the myth's around them.

Read more about the transformation here.

WowTables is bringing a revolution with respect to fine dining culture. Fine dining is rapidly growing in cities and becoming more accessible to food lovers. WowTables help you in this journey with an exclusive online fine-dining experience platform that includes search, discovery, reservations and curated experiences, making fine dining more accessible to the discerning diner. What more does a food lover need? A reach to various cuisines without making a hole in the pocket? Then Wowtables is here to help you as it helped me in my food journey :) 

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