Friday, 10 April 2015

Celebrating 4 years of The Biere Club with the new menu

The Biere club, Bangalore's First Craft Brewery has been a hot spot for many Bangaloreans and also for those who visit Bangalore. This superb place completes 4 years on 20th April. The evening was hosted by Shaun Kenworthy, Director F&B of Biere Club, and Vishal Nagpal, Director of Biere Club. I was invited for a sneak peak of the new menu which will be introduced post the club completed 4 years.

It's going to be a hard time for me to write down as I loved the changes in menu and the food was truly lip smacking. They have diverted from the Mediterranean cuisine and included many dishes which would compliment the beer served there.

Pizza Samosas was served first, it was the first dish and we all were already impressed. A mini samosa, which tasted like pizza and it was cheesy, yummy indeed. Next, Corn Curd salt and pepper was served. I am not fond of dahi kabab and hence did not want to try it but to my surprise, it tasted very different and none cold believe hat it had corn and curd as filling. Oh the evening started well. Beef and potato curry puffs was next, it had less of beef so I did not enjoy this much.

Hummus trio - classic, red pepper, red bean and walnut with lavosh and sweet was served. It looked fancy and tasted good, I chose few hummus and tasted them. I have finally developed a taste for it. It will still take time for it to be my preference.

Asian style cottage cheese skewers with thai peanut dip, the name describes the dish and it was more on a bland taste. Chicken with peppers, chilli and coriander came next, this was spicy and this was needed the most as nothing spicy came on table till this. A spicy starter would be loved by anyone. I was pretty surprised to see the starters come in a tea glass.

Rava fried fish and chips was next. I am just spoilt for choices so I always prefer a fish fillet and the crispiness of the fillet was good along with the presentation in a paper cone. Prawn chettinaad was served and I was super happy to have some spicy prawns.

Check the news ;)

While the others were busy drinking the various beer's served, I enjoyed a Virgin Biere which is a mocktail, throughout the evening. Shaun Kenworthy also made a fruit punch as he thought I had an overdose of the apple juice mocktail ;)

Virgin Biere (Mocktail)

For main course, Beef stroganoff with steamed rice was served. I love well cooked beef, it had a creamy texture and tasted well that I did not have any other main course. The main course are served in small portions as the crowd is usually full on starters and beer.

I had a taste of Massaman chicken curry with steamed rice which was good too.

For desserts, Biere battered bounty bars with ice cream was served which I avoided as it had beer in it.

I had  Sticky date and toffee pudding which had strong toffee taste but also a slightly burnt taste which I did not like. Knickerbocker glory, which was very tasty with fruits and cream was enjoyed.

The first floor is revamped to a fun place with open air, a pool table and foosball table. We enjoyed our evening on the first floor, truly a gastronomical experience.

I am looking forward to the new menu as I enjoyed the new dishes. I have always enjoyed my evenings at The Biere Club and with this new changes, I am going to enjoy it even more.

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