Thursday, 2 April 2015

All new Pan-Asian menu at Tim Tai

I have visited Tim Tai earlier so I have my favourites. This time I was invited to try their all new Pan Asian menu. I enjoy the dim sums and desserts at Tim Tai and was excited to visit the place again.

With dim sums, Chicken Hargao, Shanghai Chicken, Spicy soya & basil, and Shrimp Hargao was served. I enjoyed all the dim sums and also had another serving of it. The meat was cooked well and tasted well with the dips which were served.

Next, Banana Leaf Wrap Fish with Balinese Spice, Stuffed Chicken Wings with Glass Noodle and Water Chestnuts was served. I have always enjoyed Banana leaf wrap fish and has been regular order at all asian restaurants and therefore enjoyed this here too, you should try it. I was so busy eating this that I do not have a pic of it. Stuffed chicken wings did not impress me. I had few bites of crispy baby corn which was tasty.

For main course, Tim Tai Special Chilli Coriander Noodle, Hakka Noodle, Garlic & Broccoli Fried Rice, Malaysian Family Style Chicken and Vietnamese Spicy Prawn with Lemon grass was served. Tim Tai Special Chilli Coriander Noodle was my favorite and even Hakka noodles tasted very well. I had Garlic & Broccoli Fried Rice with Malaysian Family Style Chicken and also with Vietnamese Spicy Prawn with Lemon grass. Prawn was an instant hit on the tables and the order was repeated, while Malaysian family style chicken had the usual pan asian taste.

For desserts, Water Chestnut Rubies with Coconut Milk, Apple Fritters with Blue Berry Compot and Natural Ice Cream was served. Water Chestnut Rubies with Coconut Milk is my usual order here but this time the sweet consistency wasn't there. I had Apple fritters with blue berry compot for the first time and this was surely a sugar rush for me, I would choose to have this along with a scoop of ice cream. Natural ice cream was served - chocolate chilli, orange lemon grass, Kaffir lime and Vanilla.

Pan shots is a must before you leave the restaurant.

A well deserved meal at Tim Tai and I do like the new menu, especially with some favorites retained on the menu.

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