Saturday, 8 February 2014

Try the best browser for iPad - Coast by Opera

Well, to begin with, Coast is a web browser for iPad. It has been built by the best engineers and designers at Opera. I do not own an iPad but I have used an iPad many times so I went for the bloggers meet held by Opera Software. It was presented by Head of Coast by Opera, Huib Kleinhout. Coast is designed for iPad users and it is out with an updated version. It has a full touch interface. The first version of this made-for-iPad web browser was launched in September, 2013 and now version 2.0 was launched on 17 December 2013. The best browser for iPad just got better with the new version which out-beats the old technology and is made for users using tablets.

The homepage looks great with all the pages saved on the screen and you can customize it. The last seen webpage can be saved at the task bar of the homepage for re-use and you can also get it to the homepage by a motion of swipe. 

The address bar at the homepage can be used with a down swipe. This makes it a lot more fun to use the browser. Rightly said by Huib that we should add some fun element in our browsing. All the internet pages are like applications and the browser should support them and Coast by opera shows them as applications. 

Keeping the iPad in mind, every corner is optimized with the touch. No more back and forward buttons and it has been replaced by swipe motions. Music on the web has never sounded better with this update. The pages that play music or sounds visualize this in the home screen by showing off a small animation of a graphic equalizer in the website's icon. You can even control music on the web pages from the iOS lock screen as if it was in the native music player app. In Coast, it's easy to customize your home screen with the image of your choice, either from web or own pictures or even from specially designed backgrounds. PDF documents can be opened outside Coast on PDF compatible apps.

There has been great improvement in speed to navigate between pages for great surfing experience. The Coast security engine is improved and for me, it is the best as it provides you with actual useful information instead of obscure symbols, has been updated to recognize attacks even better. It has features to calculate risk on any site based on the website’s certificate and hence the decision for accessing the site can be more accurate and not absurd with information given by Coast.

Opera has other products for phone, desktop, TV etc but Coast by Opera has been tailor-made for iPad, beautifully designed and easy to use. As it is only for iPad, you cannot use or download it on any other OS, well, I should buy an iPad now ;) If you have an iPad then Coast by Opera is highly recommended as it is a lot more fun to use the browser. You can download it from the App store or from the website for free. Do try it out and leave your comments.

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