Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A poem on Youth Destruction

Here is a poem on 'Youth Destruction' written by my brother, Mohammed Asgar.

The spoiling of a nation, thought for camouflaged growth,
Medieval changes revolution, destruct the youth henceforth.
Word theory which once known but now a practical feel,
Peer for fun, peer to enjoy but destroys the slave at the keel.
Chemical feelings, nature's babe - everything is better than ever,
Hallucinations, dreams and thoughts that get you back to reality never.
There is no stopping the smoke reaching the lungs to the lip,
And announced that you are now a slave and crave for every trip.
Need for socialize, get the attention of the world for your need,
Social networking is the next step of your destruction indeed.
Showing the world everything you got, no thought of shame,
Just to be known among the sexes and feel of a fake fame.
Made realize the sin committing, a rage outcome in a flash,
All reason show up to expose, generation gap feeling clash.
Stubbornness overrides everything and change to behave in vain,
Respect for none - elders, strangers, decency, virginity and of course pain.
To reach fame, need for cash which blinds the eye,
No thought for finance but need to satisfy which makes to lie.
Shame will collect, coward with feel of fame but not for long,
Will mature, will realize the weakness you built was never strong.
Blow up money just for prestige and rep to create,
And this feel is temporary and is what to see I hate.
Why don't leave high end phones and similar craze,
Life will be best, complex one to a simple solved maze.
Best friend's, no jealousy, no bad feel for anyone,
Just leave out on it and come to the basics everyone.
For you are beautiful with what life you got and none can change,
If you understand every line, you realize what you are - You have become strange.

                                                                                                         - Mohammed Asgar