Monday, 27 January 2014

New Vodka in town - Fashion Vodka

I was among the few blessed with the opportunity to review the vodka that changed my house party experience all together. I had received a bottle of vodka to give my opinion on the same. I organised a house party the following weekend for 7 friends at my place.

Initially I had thought to offer the drink only as shooter and later use some for experiments. Out of the 8 of us, one was a regular drinker of vodka. When I offered the shots of Fashion Vodka, I received mixed reactions. A few liked it, whereas, a few did not. The vodka smelt a little different from the remaining one's available in the market. It was then that my friend explained to me that it is not a shooter’s drink but it is a drink which can be best had when mixed. I requested ‘the only vodka drinker’, to drink the vodka so that we could test the odor.

The flavory drink was later severed with popular soft drinks. Everyone cherished the way vodka intensified the taste of the soft drink. The drink was the elegant mixture and it even enhanced the taste of the snacks. We had ordered chips, nachos, chicken kebab, dips & salsa, rice, gravy and rasam. This is our ideal order for house party whereas at times we order some chapatti, naan or parota.

Nearly half the bottle was over and it was the time for rub and test the vodka. I poured a few drops of vodka on 3 of my friend's palm and asked them to rub the palms together. I told them that the vodka will disappear and would not leave any odor, to which everyone were amused and one of them even commented saying “We are still not drunk”. I had already tested this earlier so I did not give heave to their comments. They all stopped laughing within a minute and started smelling at their hands to which they all were amazed to see my words coming true.

Now it was the time to know if this drink would go well with whiskey, rum or beer too. My friends adored the new taste that developed in their mouths. They even mentioned that the snacks taste exceptional with the drink.

Now my friend was eyeing on the vodka bottle as I had asked him not to have anything else other than this vodka but I told him that I would get him another one later. To which he was still giving me an indication about the way the whole bottle was getting over.

Soon we started making mocktail, this was the ultimate test we do when we drink. We made two mocktail and gave one to the most experienced drinkers in the group. The 1st mocktail was made from whiskey, mango juice, fashion vodka and a bit of soda or fizz and the 2nd from rum, coca cola, vodka and beer. The drink was so toothsome that they did not even allow anyone else to have a sip of the drinks. They  plaudit that it was a divine homemade mocktail where no drink overpowered each other and it left a empowering taste on their tongues.

I never expected the vodka to end so soon. I was expecting it to last for at least two or three parties. The drink was at its verge of getting over. I wanted to attempt one last experiment. Couple of my friend's came up with an idea.
  • One friend put a few drops of vodka in the chicken gravy and the reaction after tasting was, “The gravy is kick-ass and the chicken is dancing drunk in my mouth”
  • Another friend mixed it with rasam and his reaction was, “Never did I have rasam so palatable”
  • The third friend sprinkled a few drops on the Kebab and some sliced vegetables, his words were “Where can I buy more of THE FASHION VODKA?”
  • The last friend was the smartest of us all and he put his drops in salsa and cheese dip. He did not ever give us and told us “You guys are not getting this, it is delectable”
This house party was a major hit and we are eagerly waiting for the next house party and experiment more with this experimental drink. Do not worry much about the odor which remains in the mouth after a drink or when spilled on your body. Go ahead and try the new vodka in town which is the Fashion Vodka. Till then Cheers people.