Sunday, 14 May 2017

Warren Tricomi signature pedicure at Warren Tricomi Spa & Salon at J.W. Marriott, Bangalore

A great pedicure can be as soothing to the soul, as well to the sole. With this thought, I accepted to have an experiential at one of the finest spa and salon in Bangalore - Warren Tricomi Spa & Salon at J.W. Marriott, Bangalore. It is the only outlet in Bangalore.

Warren Tricomi Spa and Salon bring forth the New York atmosphere to Bangalore. The Spalon is famous for setting beauty standards worldwide since the past 20 years. They offers services such as hair-styling, nail-art, blow-dry, Kerastase, Forest Essential Services and Clarins skincare rituals to name a few​​.
I opted for Warren Tricomi signature pedicure in which they use only Forest essential products, because why not? feet need to be taken care of, they carry our huge weight every time. As I entered the Spalon, I felt it was another world, luxurious world of Manhattan bringing the New York experience in your city. The pedicure was done by professionals with international expertise. It is not just any other pedicure, it is one luxury experience.

As I laid back, watched some show on the TV screen in front of me and sipped some of my favorite green tea, the pedicure was being done which was relaxing, rejuvenating, nourishing and soothing. The massage relaxed my muscles and with Forest Essentials products, the aroma from my feet made me happier. They enhanced the beauty of my feet to let it shine through. Professionals at the spalon made sure that it was comforting and relaxing and I leave with an experience never felt before which will make me want to come back again.
With Warren Tricomi signature pedicure, I was ready to give myself back to the world. Check out Warren Tricomi's website to get more details and allow them to transport you to a luxurious world.

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