Saturday, 27 May 2017

Forgotten cuisine of Vijayanagara at Cubbon Pavilion, ITC Gardenia

Cuisine of Vijayanagara is a forgotten cuisine and some may not even know that it existed. Vijayanagara Empire reigned from the 14th -16th century but now their cuisine isn't found much. So, Chef Yogen and team of culinary experts not only searched for this buried cuisine but brought it to our plates.
Starting with appetisers, there was 1 veg and 2 non veg starters. Fried dumplings of raw banana was served which is named Balakkai Vada. Koli Menasakai which is Dry chicken preparation with red chilies and spices. Kaima Unde Bartad had small dumplings of lamb and coriander.
Then came the main course. I skipped the veg dishes because I found the non veg very tempting. My favorite was Kothimiri Koli Saaru which had Chicken in a coriander and coconut gravy. It tasted THE BEST with Akki roti (rice flour bread). You cannot stop at one for sure. 
Some more dishes were are on offer are Meen Huli which has fresh sear fish cubes cooked with tamarind and tomatoes. Seegadi Kal Menasu which has my favorite Prawns with black pepper. Urida Mamsa, succulent lamb chops with roast spice masala.
Some veg dishes which you can also relish are Ennai Badanakai which is a dish made from brinjal cooked in a roast peanut, tomato and tamarid gravy. Tondakai Pallya which is a dry preparation of Ivy gourd with fresh coconut and red chilly. Bele Menthe which is a yellow lentil dish with fenugreek leaves.

The dishes can be enjoyed with Mavinakai Annam which is raw mango rice and my favorite Koli Pulao which is a chicken cooked with rice and spices along with Chapati.
Not to end the meal without desserts, Akki Payasa which is rice and milk flavored with cardamom dessert. You can also taste Gullorige, sweet semolina flat bread stuffed with roast chana flour, coconut & cardamom.
Enjoy the festival till 4th June and head to Cubbon Pavilion for a dinner which will take you back to the 16th century.

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