Monday, 15 June 2015

Ye Hai Mohabbatein: Spoiler for the leap

I have been watching 'Ye Hai Mohabbatein' for a while and for now I read many articles on the upcoming leap which might take place in July or August. Let me share the same with you.

Post Ishita-Raman consummating their relation, Ishita will find out that she has critical tuberculosis (she had faced TB earlier in her childhood too which we get to know when she faints during navratra vrat) and her survival chances are minimal. Just to make sure that her family is happy after her and they are able to forget her and move on, she will create circumstances for Raman and her family to believe that she has an affair with Subbu and they are rekindling their past relationship.

Ishita gets Shagun back in Raman and Bhalla family's life once she finds out that she has changed and make sure Shagun takes Ishita's place. Ishita will leave the family and move to Australia with Subbu making everyone believe that she has cheated on Raman with Subbu, shattering Raman and the family. A huge leap on the show will follow this.

There is no confirmation for the above track yet. But the lead of the show, Divyanka Tripathi is supposedly not happy with the leap either. I hope this track is not true and no leap takes place. Wishing for an interesting track in the current scenario. Now who would not want to see Ruhi, the life of the show, for some more time? And also Ishita and Raman's banter which is being missed for sometime now?

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