Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Nioxin Product review: Did it work?

You would have read about my Nioxin experience at a bloggers meet. Nixon treatment is only for those suffering from hair thinning issue. I had a consultation suring the meet to identify my hair problem and it was noticed that I was suffering from Normal to thin looking hair and TREATMENT 5 was recommended for me. We were given the products to try on ourselves for 3-4 weeks so I followed it and here I will be writing about my experience.

Here are the results of the trial at home. I followed the treatment, not very religiously as its normal with me. I guess many of us are like me too, we start with enthusiasm and then slowly become lazy about it. I used the products 3 times a week.

Step 1 was a cleanser. Treat this as a shampoo, I applied it on the scalp, massage it until lathers, leaving it for a couple of minutes and then rinse it completely.

Step 2 was Scalp revitaliser. This acts like a conditioner but can be applied on the scalp too. massaging the lotion from scalp to tip of the hair and allowing it to rest for 3-5 minutes helps the scalp condition.

Step 3 was a Leave-in Scalp treatment. Apply this leave in lotion onto the scalp and massage it. Allow it to rest and the 3 step treatment is completed.

While I followed this process 3 times a week, I did not blow dry my hair ever. I always used a wide tooth comb for my hair and occasionally oiled my hair.

What I saw? I had very less hair fall so here it did not make much difference. But the thickness of my hair is slightly increased and I notices this as I rush my fingers through my hair very often and also by my hair band. Hair has become comparatively softer which makes me touch my hair again and again.

On Day 1 of the treatment, at Bodycraft salon

After a month:

From the picture its not clear about the thickness or the texture but it has become considerably better in a month's time.

So all those experiencing hair thinning issue should consult for Nioxin treatment and feel the difference.

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