Sunday, 15 March 2015

FBAB Meet at Rasta One

Food Bloggers Association Bangalore (FBAB) had a meet with few bloggers and food reviewers at Rasta One Place SO2EO1 in Kalyan Nagar. I have been to Rasta earlier during their launch so I was excited to pay them a visit to check what is new on the menu.

Conversations before the food arrives

Zucchini Fritters topped with Tomato Salsa was served first. We were told to have the fritter along with the salsa to get a spicy taste. I liked it though I found a slight taste of egg in it, I was told that there was no egg.

Vegetable Rissoles was served next. It was creamy and cheesy so I would prefer a spicy salsa/sauce to compliment this dish instead of tomato ketchup.

Chicken & Cheese Balls with Chilli Aioli was served, the presence of lemon zest gave a bitter experience but with mayonnaise it did not taste bitter, rather it tasted very good.

Prawn Vol-au-Vent came next on the table. It was a different way of serving prawns. The first look gave me a feel of a puff. It did surprise me with the taste. I am sure I can eat this again, during my next visit.

I enjoyed some refreshing mocktails as it was a sunny day while others enjoyed their drink :)

For main course, I opted for grilled fish steak with lemon butter sauce. I could have chosen Baked Chicken Parmigiano but my love for sea food was not allowing me to. Fish fillets do not usually fill my tummy but I still prefer having it. The lemon butter sauce was slightly more but that was the taste I was looking at. I tasted the chicken and I was happy with my choice ;)

Grilled fish steak with lemon butter sauce
Baked Chicken Parmigiano
To end the meal and the conversations at the meet, Caramel Fruit Basket was served. I have not really had this earlier so I was surely surprised. I liked the fruits served in a edible bowl made of caramel.

Belgian Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream was also served which was a heavier dessert compared to the fruit basket.

A good meal with loads of conversations ended on a happy note.

Happy faces after a happy meal :)
I love the meet for reasons that I met new food reviewers and learned different point of views and had loads of healthy and amazing conversations.

Foodie talks
We meet again!
Girl Power at the meet :)
With Vikram, Manager of Rasta One Place
Foodies with Chef of Rasta
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