Saturday, 7 February 2015

JW Marriott's Bangalore Baking Company Delights

My love for JW Marriott is very evident among the people who know me so this time I was invited on a Saturday morning for some BBC Delight (Bangalore Baking Company). I always wonder why does JW Marriott make me wake up early in the morning, be it their cook off at First Agro farms or cook off at a village. Nevertheless, they have always given me a memory with their every visit so I was looking forward for the day.

Bangalore Baking Company has a very cosy ambiance with large glass windows and marble interiors which makes it very spacious and peaceful with some indoor and outdoor seating. It also has a library which has a extensive collection of coffee table books on many subjects. It has wifi and plug in service which makes it an ideal place for hangout and meeting. Well, I have spent hours here reading, meetings and even indulging in their delicacies.

Chef Daniel has been conducting baking classes at BBC for a while now where he also offers amateur bakers a chance to be pastry chef for a day with some personalized baking experience.

Chef Daniel and Chef Grenal took us through the evening showcasing us some new additions on the menu and also some secrets behind the recipe's and cooking. Grenal started with a Taco salad, a Mexican salad with the goodness of veggies in a different shaped taco. Not being a veggie lover, I was indulging in this spicy salad the most. A sure to try when you visit BBC next.

Next was Caribbean jerk chicken sandwich which had some thyme, cinnamon, chillies, nutmeg, garlic, tomato between a focaccia bread served with some chips. I truly feel Chef Grenal has some magic when it comes to non-veg, the jerk chicken sandwich will make you want for more which will tantalize every taste buds.

or veggies, there was Caprese sandwich which had fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil which made the veggies want for more. I personally did not like this one as much as the other dishes.

Chef Daniel made his special Chocolate lava and also shared tips while making this one. Hot chocolate oozing out from a warm cake, what does one need now? 5 ingredients put together will make this extremely delicious dessert. The recipe is extremely simple but the magic of Chef Daniel's hand as an added advantage made it heavenly and sinful. You should try this at BBC.

I think I can try these simple recipe's at home, Ummm I think I better head to my favorite BBC to enjoy them :) Thank you Chef Grenal, Chef Daniel and the team at JW Marriott for a wonderful Saturday morning/

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