Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Bon6 is your new friend

Who doesn't love surprises? I love them especially when I open my eyes to them. This morning I received a mystery box at my door step. I had not ordered anything nor has any of my friend's sent me any gift so this box got me curious.

This was such a tease box. Let me give you some hint to guess what this mystery could all be about.

Among all the other great features, #BonTheOriginal has Auto Friend  Finder. This could be of my use especially when I hesitate to make the first conversation with everyone, starting problem you see ;) No more trusting those weird app's on these smartphone's to find friend's, just #BonTheOriginal.

I am guessing in the right direction, what about you? You can be part of the launch of Bon 6 as well, register here:

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