Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Mr Hong - Food from the streets of Bangkok

Mr. Hong, the all-day dining restaurant serves exotic tea with delicious Oriental street food and is brought to India by PVR Leisure focusing on all-day tea culture. Mr. Hong is located at the third level of Orion Mall, Bangalore and offers a unique venue for the Chinese and Thai food lovers of the town. Mr. Hong strives to offer the most authentic Asian fare in town together with comprehensive collection of teas from the Asia Pacific region.
Mr. Hong revolves around tea as the underlying theme infused in every aspect of the brand, from food and beverage recipes to interior design. Serving an eclectic range of tapas-like steamed or fried dishes such as the proverbial Chinese Dim Sums, Mr. Hong aims to epitomize Chinese and South Asian hospitality at its best. Mr Hong truly is contemporary rendition of the Chinese Tea House concept with a fusion twist incorporating culinary influences spanning across the South East Asian regions. It is a perfect destination spot for a business lunch, casual pre or post-show dinner or cocktail, high tea or family weekend brunch.

Chef Amit and Mr Rakesh treated us well at the restaurant. Knowing that I had not tried much of oriental food, they were very courteous in recommending the meal for us. But as usual, I am always eager to try out new cuisines and dishes.

We started with flavorsome Jasmine pearl tea, while some had rose tea which was perfect for a cold evening. It smelled and tasted good and charged me up for my meal. I do like having Jasmine tea for a cold evening. It was time I had some mocktails, I tried Mr. Hong's signature cooler, Apple, ginger and mint which was very piquant and suited my taste buds. I also had cucumber elder flower during the course of my meal and found the taste of elder flower over powering the cucumber taste. Though it had a cooling effect, I liked my Apple ginger and mint cooler.

Cucumber elder flower
Virgin Mojito
We started our meal with soup, Tom yum veg soup for served for vegetarians and Tom Yum chicken soup was served for non-vegetarians. Tom yum soup is perfect to clear your throat and blocked nose as it is made with coriander, chili and basil. It is one soup which relish on many Thai staples for its distinctive taste.

Tom Yum chciken soup
Next came were steamed veg and chicken dumplings which were cooked to perfection and tasted delicious. Along with them, came scallion sesame veg and chicken cake which was my favorite. A round fluffy cake which is not too sweet not too spice but had the right ingredients cooked well. I kept wanting for more of the chicken cake.I have not tried something like this earlier. It really got me a feel of Thai street food in Bangalore.

Steamed dumplings - Chicken
Steamed dumplings - Veg
Scallion sesame chicken cake
Scallion sesame veg cake
For some cold salad, Som Tum classic salad was served which was a shredded green papaya salad with palm sugar adding some sweetness to it. which did not interest me much. Spicy pomelo shrimp salad was also served. Pomelo is a crisp citrus fruit native to South and Southeast Asia, taste sweet, mild grapefruit type, did add to my taste buds as it was the first time I was having pomelo.

Som Tum classic salad
Spicy Pomelo shrimp salad
Crispy lotus, shiracha chili sauce was served which caught the attention of everyone. Lotus stem was tossed with honey, ginger, chilies and garnished with sesame seeds. As it was sweet, I did not prefer it much but then it tasted it perfect with the chili sauce, it was a instant hit with the kids on the table. This is Chef Amit's specialty  I had never seen how a lotus stem looks like so the team was kind enough to show me the lotus stem.

Crispy lotus, shiracha chili sauce
Stir Fried Veg in Chili Garlic, Veg Shanghai Rice, Veg and Chicken Phad Thai Noodle, Jasmine Rice, Classic minced chicken hot basil and Stir fried Kale with Lamb were served for main course which had authentic thai flavors and very tasty. Stir fried Kale with Lamb was my favorite along with Jasmine rice. The main course did not excite me as much as the appetizers did but I was really impressed with Jasmine rice as it smelled of Jasmine but did not have any Jasmine flower or essence added to it.

Phad Thai Noodles

Fried Rice Shrimps, Chicken, Pine nuts & Eggs

Without a dessert, a meal can never be completed. Peach cobbler was served and in a blink of an eye it was wiped off. Do u still want me to write more about it? It was a peace tart perfected baked served with a scoop of ice cream.

Peach Cobbler
For me, this was the place where I got food from the streets of Bangkok on to my plate but right here in Bangalore. The food is cooked well with the authentic thai flavors which impressed me the most. A must visit for me to have Peace cobbler, scallion chicken sesame cake and tom yum chicken soup when I am around Orion Mall the next time.

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