Friday, 20 June 2014

Royce Chocolate enters India with a bang

Royce Chocolate has finally come to Bangalore, after 30 years of traveling the world. ROYCE’ has grown from Hokkaido’s best-kept secret to an international phenomenon by crafting confectioneries that are brimming with flavor and bursting with originality. 

Royce was founded in 1983 in Sapporo, the capital city of Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island. Royce has brought together the best ingredients from all over the world and developed cutting-edge production techniques to produce a truly unique range of high quality and exquisitely packaged chocolates.

Royce has is brought to India by Burgundy Hospitality. I was glad to be part of the launch of their third outlet opened at Bengaluru Baking Company, JW Marriott Bengaluru on 20th June, 2014. It was truly an experience to taste the different chocolates available.. The other two outlets are at Royce Juhu, Bombay Baking Company, JW Marriott Mumbai and ROYCE' Palladium, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel.

Price shouldn't be spoken when such a luxurious brand like Royce has entered the Food business in India. It offers some unusual chocolates like potato chips chocolate, Prafeuille Chocolate, etc. Some of the chocolate's from Royce are below

Nama chocolate with an excellent acid-bitter combination

Baton cookies, golden-baked coconut cookies coated with chocolate on one side.

Nutty bar chocolate, crunchy finger sized chocolate bars packed with macadamia nuts pecans, cashews, almonds and crispy puffs.

Chocolate wafers, delicate sweet hazelnut cream sandwiched between crispy wafers and coated with chocolate.

Criollo Chocolate, fully conveys the intense flavors of the rare Criollo cacao bean.

Prafeuille Chocolate, strawberry-scented milk chocolate sqaures filled with a sweet-and-sour raspberry and blueberry sauce

Coffee Chocolate, a robust coffee flavor with an excellent after taste

Potato chip chocolate, an eye-opening combination of salty potato chips with chocolate.

Pure Chocolate, beautiful facade and shape of the pure chocolate was designed to enhance texture and shape, available in 6 varieties

Milk Chocolate bar, a balanced blend of milk and cacao.

Credit for the pictures to their Facebook page and the press release. Pay them a visit and you will know more of their other chocolates and also get your sweet-tooth satisfied. Stay connected to their Facebook Page and Twitter and also JW Marriott's Facebook page and Twitter