Sunday, 20 April 2014

Unwind at District 6

Bangalore has always been welcoming, let it be people, pubs, restaurant or brewery. This march Bangalore welcomed District 6. Food is fuel and Eat to live is what they believe in, which matches my motto too so I was very grateful to review this restaurant. It is located on the ground floor of the Sheraton Hotel.

Dazzles at Night
Warn and Bright day
District 6 is a sleek new dining spot and its the perfect place if you are looking for a place to unwind with great food, music and atmosphere. Wonder why the name District 6? As the name suggests, the restaurant features six distinct regions: a brew tank area, a beer tank section, an alfresco zone, a front kitchen and public and private dining rooms. The music played ranges from pop, rock and other foot tapping music and has an in-house DJ who spins the place on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I couldn't stop but look around the elegant interiors of the place, it is the work of Japanese design team M-style who drew inspiration from the imported German tanks that are the heart of the brew pub. Wooden panels, logs, brick columns all provide different textures that are warm and inviting. It's the perfect place to escape the heat and cool down with a craft beer. The place looks beautiful from every table. The spacing of tables is such that one can have a private conversation on any table. I can go on and on talking on the interiors but I should just stop. Just one work, Kudos to M-style.

One section of the restaurant has a Deli kitchen serving quick bites which is open from 1PM - 6PM. They are very quick in making their sandwiches considering the lack of time we have to have our lunches.. One can also place order on a call and reach the place and have their meal with saving lot of time. I usually prefer their lunches when I am around which contains soup/salad, main course and a cocktail/mocktail for just Rs.600 all inclusive. The deli kitchen transforms itself into wine and cheese area in the evening where one can sip some amazing wines and champagne.

The bar looks very appealing and is managed by Leonardo Zanini. Leonardo has some got some amazing drinks on the menu. His signature cocktail are a must try which have a different flavor, taste and mixology. My friend tried the Chai Martini, Green mile and Blood & beer. Chai Martini contains vanilla vodka and Assam tea, different right? Green Mile contained elder flower, gin, cucumber and mint. Blood & beer contained tequila, liberator, tomato, coriander, chillies and onions which was a hangover drink. My friend was amazed with the taste and he loved every sip of every drink he had. He strongly recommends the signature cocktails. You can read more about the cocktails on his blog. Leonardo's signature cocktails are highly recommended.

Chai Martini
Green mile

Blood and beer

I am not a toddler but the Toddler district was for me. I started my evening with a refreshing drink which was Fresh watermelon cooler containing watermelon, basil and ginger ale. All the ingredients blended well giving me a refreshing start to the evening. As all the drinks at the bar are made from fresh cut fruits, the drink's taste very good, natural and refreshing. As I was ordering from the toddler district, I got a chance to behave like one and asked for a made-to-order mocktail containing Pomegranate. Let me name it Pomana (Pomegranate mocktail for Rumana). I could get the smell and taste of fresh pomegranate used in my mocktail. Both my mocktails were very palatable. Leonardo surely swiped me off my my feet with his menu and skill of making fresh mocktails.

Fresh watermelon cooler

Chef Sushant took us through the food menu, he explained that the menu is divided into different district namely Salad and burger district, Grill district, Fry district, The German district, Wok and curry district and dessert which is Not yet a district. We started our meal with Nachos with chicken served with salsa, cheese dip and guacamole. I am huge nachos fan so I enjoyed the freshness of the vegetables and dips with every bite of the nachos as I sipped on my mocktail along.

Nachos with chicken

Next came was from Burger district, Boy, it's a burger which had 3 sliders, a Bulgogi, Classical and Mediterranean tenderloin burgers served with fries. All the three sliders had delish taste and flavors which impressed me the most. One can have different burgers in just one order. The flavors blended well in the patty giving a new taste to my taste buds. Burger lovers, don't forget to order one for a bite of 3 burgers, the next time you are here.

Boy, it's a burger

For my love for sea food, we ordered for a Southern shrimp cocktail from the Salad district which is my all time favorite dish. It contained chilled fresh shrimp, cocktail sauce, lemon wedge and shredded iceberg lettuce, truly delectable dish. Prawns are a delicacy and a prawn cocktail lingers on my tongue for long. The freshness of shrimp and lettuce mixed with delish cocktail sauce with a sneak peek of lemon wedge is one to die for.

Southern shrimp cocktail

For some veg, we went with the chef's recommendation of trying his specialty, Kache kele ki galauti from the Grill district. I was initially hesitant to try something with raw plantains. Pan fried smoked raw plantains cooked with special in-house spices served with ulte tave ka paratha blew my mind off with the mellow taste. The galauti kebab was very soft and melted with every bite. My friend did not prefer it as much as I did.

Kache kele ki galauti

Veg, chicken, seafood was tasted. Now it was time for some beef so we went for Tenderloin skewer with Rayu. Rayu sauce which was infused with hot chili's with sesame oil tasted well with the beef skewer which was grilled to perfection. The meat was tender and it had the taste of the beef with minimal spices giving it a simple yet enticing taste.

Tenderloin skewer with Rayu

Next came on the table was Lamb shanks risotto milanese, slow cooked shanks served with saffron spiked risotto. It looked and tasted scrumptious and flavorful. Lesser said about a flavorsome dish, is better. Just try it if you like lamb.

Lamb shanks risotto milanese
I tried my best to not like any dish but I failed. The German district and wok and curry district was missed by me on purpose. I would love to try this section once the taps are open.

Last but not the least, my love for waffles multiplied when I had the first bite of Waffles with wild berry, cream and strawberry ice cream. This was highly recommended by my friend and hence I did not look through the other desserts. I enjoyed every bite of the waffle and believe me, I did ask for more. This dessert will make you crave to eat one more of a bite. A different way of waffle presentation accompanied with toothsome wild berry sauce and fresh cream ended my meal on a satisfactory experience.

Waffles with wild berry, cream and strawberry ice cream.

My entire experience at District 6 was exceptionally good. The service by staff was quick and they are very warming. The music kept us on our toes. The menu by Chef Sushant and Leonardo is commendable and delectable. I have been spoiled for choice by District 6 and hence it has become one of my favorite dining place with my friends. A big thank you to my dear friend Hitesh who introduced District 6 to me. Appreciate the entire team who welcomed me and my friend for the review.
With Hitesh
With Chef Sushant
With Leonardo Zanini
The team at District 6
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