Saturday, 14 October 2017

Beijing to Bangkok Food Festival at Aloft Cessna Business Park

Everyone is looking to try new food these days. I was craving for some hot chinese food for these late monsoons while my friend was tempted to try thai food. With the appetite we have, we decided to go for a buffet.

I have been to Aloft Cessna Business Park many times and I always had a wonderful stay and meals. I am I'm love with their decor. They have an on-going Beijing to Bangkok food festival going on. It matched my friend's and my current cravings so decided to go for it.
They have a huge buffet spread of dishes from Beijing to Bangkok. Various dimsums and bun, I enjoyed prawns and chicken dimsums. Delicious chicken and veg satay freshly made from the live counter. Some grilled tofu and chicken meat balls satay. 
One of the delicious mocktails ever had
For mai course, noodles and rice were available with fish, chicken and veg gravy. I enjoyed some delicious hot pot and fish. Hot pots with your favorite ingredients, mine were prawns, bakchoy, mushroom and calamari. Fish which can be shared among various people with lemon dressing which makes the fish even more delicious. The other counters of salads, some more main course outside of the festival was also available. Dessert counter is not to be missed as I had the best Donut pudding at Aloft along with many more desserts and ice-cream available.
Head to Aloft Hotels at Cessna Business Park to relish this festival till 20th of October. Wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali.

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