Monday, 3 April 2017

EnergyCode Complex treatment at Bodycraft Salon & Spa

It is time to unlock Hair's Energy with NEW System Professional with ENERGYCODE COMPLEX. Re-energising and transforming hair to leave it visibly healthier, virgin looking and more responsive to styling.
System Professional diagnoses your unique hair profile with an ultra-personalised system. Every persons hair is as unique as their fingerprint. That is why each of their exclusive treatments begins with an individualized energycode mapping, performed by a system professional hair care consultant.
I visited Bodycraft Salon & spa for my energycode complex treatment and I went through the entire process to let me feel my hair reborn. The first step towards restoring "Hair Energy" is to diagnose an individual's unique hair energy profile using System Professional's new HAIR ENERGY MAPPING in the salon. System Professional experts have developed special hair energy mapping diagnostic tools, a hand-held microscope and in-salon app for use by hair care consultants in the salon and a self-assessment tool on the website for an initial diagnosis at home.
Hot towel to seal the products in my hair
Once a hair energy profile has been diagnosed, a personalised system of new System Professional treatment and products with ENERGYCODE COMPLEX can be prescribed, out of over 100,000 possible care combinations.
Diagnosis forms the basis of a treatment that is tailored to the persons specific hair and scalp needs. To ensure the results of the treatment are truly individualized and effective, one can follow products from the extensive system professional care ranges to create a highly personalized treatment regimen.
This treatment will helped me achieve hair that feels reborn. The products have sulphate and those who have done cysteine treatment or any treatment which doesn't allow them to use sulphate shampoos and products should avoid this treatment completely.

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