Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Rejuvenate and pamper yourself at Bodycraft Spa & Salon

Bodycraft Spa & Salon is Bangalore’s destination for salon, skin and spa services. Across its six luxurious locations, Bodycraft provides the most comprehensive range of services in Hair Styling, Skin Care & Cosmetology, Spa & Wellness, Nails & Personal Grooming, Bridal and Medical Treatment, all under one roof and at affordable pricing.

I have always been a fan of Bodycraft's facial and have been a regular here. Be it any favorite occasion or special event in my life, I have always visited Bodycraft to feel good. Birthday's, trips and even for my latest visit to Oscars 2016, I made sure I pampered myself with their facial, manicure and pedicure so that I look my best among everyone from other countries.

This time, I tried their 'Perfect custom-made services' which made sure I got personalised solutions tailoring to meet my skin needs after a detailed consultation with their specialist. We normally tend to choose our services without understanding the need of our skin, so its always better to consult the specialist before choosing the services,

A consultation was very much required for my skin as I have been facing acne and breakouts very frequently. After consulting the doctor, who recommended some medicine to calm my breakouts and suggested the facial required for my skin coupled with a protein pack.

I would recommend Cleopatra's milk treatment for manicure and pedicure as it helps you de-tan and also pamper your hands and feet. But I continued with AHA manicure and pedicure which helped to give my nails, hand and feet a new look. This also nourishes the nails and prevents anti-ageing with the AHA mask. I coupled this with Lightening pack for my arms which did not work for me much as I couldn't see any different on my arm after the treatment.

Ainhoa Purity Facial was chosen for my skin, it is a deep cleaning treatment for blemishes, it helps to reduce blemishes, pimples, blackheads, irritation and redness. The skin appears calm and pores refined. I felt this facial was tailor-made for my skin so i had to choose it. It was also because of Ainhoa which I wanted to try for my face. Ainhoa products will help to re-hydrate the skin cells, rebuild elasticity and regenerate, invigorate and rejuvenate your skin.

To those who do not know Ainhoa, let me mention some details to you. It is originated in Spain having a rich history of over 15 years. The ingredients of the products are mostly natural which allows it to be used on wide variety of skin types. This range is for the serious skin care user who wants the latest cutting edge products for their skin and to achieve fast fantastic results. Ainhoa is one of Europe's most innovative cosmetic and skin care brands developed with the latest scientific advances, combined with natural ingredients. Using highly active ingredients such as gold, caviar and diamond dust, as well as the cutting edge development of vegetable stem cells and marine DNA.

I added Under-eye treatment to my facial for my dark circles and fine circles. I was very impressed with the under-eye treatment as it worked instantly on my eyes and they made my eyes look fresh and less dark. I would suggest everyone to add this treatment with your facial or clean-ups to make your skin feel good and make yourself feel fresh. Ainhoa Purity Facial was rejuvenating and I believe a regular Ainhoa purity facial will help my blemishes to reduce over the period of time.

After an intensive pampering session at Bodycraft spa & salon, I intend to visit them again and try their hair treatment as I feel my hair needs care. But for now, for all you reading this, do try their Ainhoa purity facial or a facial suitable to your skin and add an under-eye treatment for sure. You can enjoy AHA manicure and pedicure regularly or treat yourself like Cleaopatra which ever suits you.

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