Monday, 26 September 2016

Bangalore opens its door to Farzi Cafe

Farzi cafe is a popular eating joint in Delhi and Mumbai and recently Bangalore opened its arms for their new outlet.  Farzi Cafe, a place globally known for creating an illusion with its cuisine, is a part of Massive Restaurants Pvt Ltd which also houses two other multi award winning brands under them – Masala Library and Made in Punjab. It follows a concept of Modern Indian Bistro which means it amalgamates traditional global cuisines with Indian classics and adds drama in terms of contemporary presentations and culinary styles. A visit to this place is sure to leave you mesmerised as the cafe incorporates molecular gastronomy and various table theatrics to keep you entertained till the end. It is situated in the 2nd Level of UB City, a prior reservation is highly recommended.

I have visited the cafe a couple of times and below I'm listing down my 10 favorite dishes from my experience (Oh, I'm yet to explore their entire menu so below are my favorites from the dishes I have tried, you can share your favorites too for my next visit)

As I had cold I chose a Farzi OK mocktail which was warm while my friends enjoyed Bubbling LIIT and Kala Jamun. They have variety of cocktails which my friends usually enjoy on their visits.

Let me start with desserts as I have sweet tooth for it. They did not have Bailey's lollipop so I'm excluding it from my list.

Ras Malai Tres Leches - Rasmalai has always been my favorite and this rasmalai has carrot halwa filling which makes it a filling dessert.

Parle G Cheesecake - Cheesecake sanwiched between Parle G biscuit with some gems topping and dipped in rabdi, heavenly.

Elneer Payasam Popsicles - Heard of this before? You should just try it without thinking about it, a dessert turned into a popsicle.

In main course, there are various options but my 2 favorites are listed below.

Butter Chicken Bun - Delicious butter chicken sandwiched between bao or as I like it to be called, idli.

Mutton Kuzhambhu Madurai Podi Appam - Appam which is made with edible charcoal and a south indian mutton curry makes the best meal.

For starters, my favorites are listed below.

Dal Chawal Arancini - A twist to traditional food of dal chawal.

Tempura Fried Prawn - This will always be my favorite with the nimbu mirch air.

Braised Lamb Boti Tacos - Tender lamb pieces in a taco makes it a delectable and tummy filling combination.

Tandoori Dak Banglow Chicken - Tandoori chicken is loved by many and is also my favorite.

Vada Pav - This is a reversed vada pav with the pav in the vada.

I tried Mini Raj Kachori & Tandoori Wild Mushrooms, Truffle and Walnut Dust too but they do not make it to my favorite list.

Some cleansing pops to clear the taste.

And anyone for paan gujiya's to end the meal?

Hope you enjoy a farzi experience soon but don't forget to make a reservation.