Sunday, 26 July 2015

Fresho Coffee from

I love coffee's so when I heard of Fresho coffee, I was waiting to try them. I do not make as good coffee as others but I do have friends who make excellent coffee so I did not mind sharing my coffee packets with them in return for some freshly made yummy coffee :) I have loads of conversations over coffee. I enjoy coffee with rain, with friends or even while I study. Now I have some company while I study i.e. Fresho coffee. I have usually shopped from bigbasket,com and had to support them for their new venture. is entering in this category with our differentiated proposition of “Pure coffee that is ground to order”. They want to carve a niche for themselves and perhaps garner market share in short run from established players. From being considered as a South Indian beverage in the last decade, North India has embraced it big time, thanks to the cafe's that have come up. Coffee is considered a very fancy beverage. The youngsters of today like to socialize over coffee. It’s an all-day beverage. It’s not confined to the 5 star places any longer. It’s become very fashionable to have coffee.

Fresho is our first private label brand which is positioned as a brand that stands for “freshness purity, off the shelf”. Currently the brand portfolio consists of Fruits and Vegetables, Bread and now they have extended it to Coffee. With Fresho Coffee they want to deliver “The world’s finest, freshest coffee” now at your doorstep. If you are a typical coffee lover who knows his/her mind and wants to have the best coffee, but has to make do with the options that exist in the market. S/he likes freshly ground coffee, but doesn’t have the time to go and get the beans ground, then take a look at Fresho coffee.

Fresho Coffee is pure filter coffee ground to order. The coffee beans will be ground against order to maintain freshness. The aroma of freshly ground coffee is so invigorating that you always crave for more. The coffee is 100% pure coffee with no added chicory. It’s a blend of Arabica (35 years old) and Robusta (75-80 years old). The average price for 100 grams – Rs 75. The variants start from Rs 46 to 99 for 100 grams. They have launched 5 exciting flavors -
– 1. Dark Nectar - A delicately processed coffee with a naturally sweet flavor.
– 2. Smooth Caramel - A unique coffee blend with a deep caramelized flavor.
– 3. Exotica - A dark roasted, heavy bodied, great tasting coffee.

– 4. Morning Dew - A beautiful blend with a touch of sweetness

Р5. Noir Cr̬me - The rich, deep taste of mildly bitter coffee
Let me know if you have tried them and would love to know your reviews too.

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