Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Traditional taste with a twist at Tim Tai

Passing through 5th block Koramangala, I always see a new restaurant opening after few months. This time I saw Tim Tai, a bright looking restaurant. It is an all day Asian Deli offering well known and popular Asian delicacies. It gives the diners a cheerful, airy ambiance with its high ceilings and a large tree in the middle, bright decor, open kitchen and pops of green. Split two ways - Tim, they say represents the traditional, and Tai, the new twist on old food hence serving 'great authentic' taste but also tweaked to the palates of today.

A variety of mocktails were ordered on the table. I had a taste of raspberry iced tea and a mocktail with cinnamon and orange mix.

I began my meal with Chicken Tom Kha soup. This mildly spicy soup with lemon grass, galangal and lime leaves really tasted well and a perfect for a cool evening. The veg soup was enjoyed by the others.

Chicken Tom Kha soup
Veg soup
Then the salads were served. Raw Mango Salad which had the Thai taste. The crispy fried onions with the peanuts and the raw mango were a nice combination that left a tangy taste. I am surely ordering this on my next visit. The next salad was Green Tomato Salad with grilled prawns which had a hint of lime and chilli. Though I love prawns, green tomato did not make me enjoy the entire salad, though the prawns were grilled well.

Raw Mango Salad

Green Tomato Salad with grilled prawns
A variety of dim sums were served which had chicken, prawns, spinach, corn, bamboo shoot, lamb and veggies which were fresh and tasted exceptionally good. My favorite were the non-veg dim sums. The variety of dim sums at Tim Tai is excellent, one can make a meal out of it and a must try on any visit.

Next prawn skewers was served which did impress me. The prawns were cooked well and the spices blended perfectly which left me asking for more.

Prawn skewers
For main course, I had Thai Chilli Basil Noodles which was midly spicy with the flavors and aroma of sioya in it. Lamb with Black Bean Sauce and Bamboo Shoots accompanied by fried rice was also served. Lamb was finely sliced and cooked till the spices entered the meat giving the best dish of the evening. The sauce which was mildly spiced was also had with noodles. The main course was pretty decent.

The veg main course which the other bloggers had were tasty too.

Last but not least, it was time for desserts. Starting with the Coconut Panna Cotta with Berry Compote. The panna cotta was perfect and had a superb taste of coconut but when had with berry compote, the taste of berry rules the taste of panna cotta.

In ice-creams, there are a variety of ice-creams which included exotic flavours such as Orange Lemongrass, Chocolate Chilli and Kaffir Lime. All three were simply brilliant and very different from the usual ice-cream flavors.

Chocolate Chilli

Kaffir Lime

Orange Lemongrass

Water chestnuts rubies with coconut milk was also served, it looked great and fancy and tasted even better. This a must try for everyone who like water chestnuts

Water chestnuts rubies with coconut milk
Green Tea Fried Ice Cream with White Chocolate Sauce was served which was very unique and tasted extremely differently. No more diet's when such amazing desserts with a different variety of ice-creams is offered.

Green Tea Fried Ice Cream

Tim Tai makes the ice cream in-house, so its difficult to find this taste anywhere. The elaborate meal ended with tiny paans which was refreshing.

The chef-in-charge and the staff were very courteous and friendly. Despite being unwell, Chef did not mind giving us a byte, pardon the volume level.

Overall, the experience at Tim Tai was great and highly recommended to those who like Asian delicacies and would want to have a relax or fun evening with friends. They serve over 20 varieties of dim sums  salads, cold rolls, main course, desserts and mocktails. A meal for 2 should cost around Rs.1200-1500. Let me know your favorites in the comment section below.