Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Share a smile with Happiness bar chocolates

I am a chocoholic so when I came across a site where I could make my own chocolate bar, I was elated. Hey I am not going to prepare it myself instead I will just be able to choose my choice of ingredients. This is surely the first kind of a site I have come across where I can gift a made-to-order chocolate bar to my friends, or devour it myself. This is one unique experience you will enjoy at

I am sure at the name 'Happiness bars' came from the fact that they want their customers to be happy and delighted. I was intrigued to know how Happiness bars came into business. A little research and some information from people got me some information. They have 'Food of the gods', which is a B2B chocolate company catering to bulk orders from corporate's and other organizations. For 3 years of existence, they only catered to bulk orders and some orders which a few friends and family placed with us. It was difficult to do individual orders as most of these orders had custom ingredients and toppings. This led to the birth of 'Happiness bars'.

The fact that they pay attention to the different tastes and preferences of individuals when it comes to chocolate is very pleasing. Letting customers choose their ingredients and not selling what they have is the best way to deal with customers. They have more than 60 ingredients that goes well with chocolates. With 'Happiness bars' they are surely spreading smiles globally.

So let me start by telling about the chocolate base, one choose from 3 chocolate bases - Dark (Rs.95), Milk (Rs.95) and White chocolate (Rs.100). Next step is to add the toppings, over 61 toppings from different categories like Nuts, Fruits, Candy, Herbs & Spices, Topping decoration and Others ranging from Re.1 to Rs.25. If you are confused and would like some of their pre-loaded favorites, then that bar would range between Rs.107- Rs 140.

The name of the favorites are as interesting as they look. Let me list some of them for you.
Candyland bar which has a milk chocolate base with chocolate candy, peppermints and sugar balls as its ingredients. Surely a hit among those grown up kids ;)

Wake up bar which has a milk chocolate base with ground coffee powder, Tini mini and Dates with nuts. Who wouldn't wake up to this chocolate bar?

Choc-on-choc bar for a complete chocoholic which has a dark chocolate base with chocolate candy, dark chocolate vermicelli and white choco chips.

My favorite, Sugar-free bar with nuts which I prefer for my Mom :)

Apart from the some ingredients like pine nuts, roasted pistachios, walnuts, roasted coffee beans, apple dices, coconut flakes, banana chips, dried pineapples, peppermints, butterscotch, strawberry drops, one can also find organic sesame seeds, organic flax seeds, lime and chilli almonds, dried ginger, cardamom, chilli flakes, clove powder, ginger powder, black salt, cinnamon powder, rice crispies. One can also decorate the bar with some topping decorations like dark chocolate vermicelli, smileys, sugar balls, mickey, blue sprinkle stars, green stars, letters, etc.

I have never come across such variety of ingredients and some ingredients took me by shock that they could also be paired with a chocolate. It is very easy and simple to build a bar at the online site and they deliver across India. So be it any festival or just a surprise to someone special, go ahead and make your own chocolate bar and share a smile.

One can make over 5 million combinations of a chocolate bar. But I can't list down all so let me just pen down few for you, rest you can try it and let me know your favorite in the comment section so that I can try them too.
Candy-cookie bar which is a white chocolate bar, contains oreo pieces, choco drops and sour patches. This is one of over 5 million combinations, very unique and tasty. Oreo surely is a hot favorite with kids so do add these in one while presenting it to a kid.

Rocky road bar, a milk chocolate base with assorted nuts like peanuts, walnuts and raisins is a pool of chocolate with nuts swimming in it. Very aptly named as every bite does have a nut in it.

A custom-made chocolate bar loaded with love with a sweet birthday message, is a treat to the eyes. Who wouldn't wish for such a sweet gift? The different combinations of ingredients on the chocolate bar makes chocolate taste delish.

Some of the other creations, rather a chocolate bar with unique and personalized choice of ingredients of the customers is shown below. So let your eyes feast.

Stop eating with your eyes now ;) So for any festival, celebrations, gifts or just to binge on chocolates, get to Happiness bar's website or their Facebook page to create your own creations.

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